The Best Baby in All of The Land.

This is a shout-out to our girl….because she deserves it after yesterday.

Tuesday evening, Olivia and I were hanging out, like we always do, when I started to feel really sick. I felt so sick that I put her to sleep a half hour early, and marched my booty right to bed. I was vomiting, I had a really bad fever, chills, aches, it all came at me so fast and I literally felt like I was dying.

Little did I know that Dominic was coming home feeling the exact same way.

It was so ridiculous. I cannot recall us ever both being so sick at the exact same time. We were up. all. night.

Olivia still doesn’t sleep through the night, she usually wakes up once around 3/3:30am, so I kept wondering if one of us was going to be able to….um…contain….ourselves long enough to put her back to sleep.

But guess what? She never woke up.

Our girl slept 10 full hours, and then I started to freak out -because that has never ever happened- so I sent Dominic in to check on her and she must’ve heard him, because she woke up instantly. I said, “Just bring her in here, I miss her.” So he did, and she cuddled me, and the three of us fell asleep for 3 more hours.

After she woke up again, Dominic took her downstairs and let me sleep for another 2 hours, and then we switched off and he went upstairs to bed and I stayed downstairs with her.

We were still both so sick all day and we were the most boring parents ever. I swear, she looked so bored and I felt so bad.

But it was like she knew that something was wrong. It was like she knew that we needed a calm, relaxing day because that’s exactly what she gave us.

Olivia is typically a very mellow baby. Don’t get me wrong, she has definitely had her moments (especially lately) but overall she is pretty good. And yesterday was no exception. She was like an angel baby. She played quietly by herself, she was laughing with Charlie (our dog), sat on my lap, watched cartoons…as a matter of fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think she cried once. She was so content, and calm, just plain old good. She was just such a good girl.

If she was able to understand the term “reward” yet, she would’ve gotten one, that’s for sure. Instead, I just kept kissing her cheeks saying, “Thank you for being such a good girl today. I’m sorry we were boring, tomorrow we’ll go out.” (as if she knew what I was saying.)

So today, that’s what we did. We went and got a nice lunch at Panera, and then we started our wedding registry (more on that next week!). We could tell that she was very happy to be out for a few hours, and it was nice to get some fresh air after being cooped up in the house with the worst sickness in all of the land (at least that’s how it felt in that moment).

We really thought that with both of us having the stomach flu, and having to entertain a baby at the same time, it was going to be one hell of a long day. And it was. At least the whole having the stomach flu part. The entertaining a baby part? Well, we have the best baby in all of the land, which means, we still win. Take that, stomach flu!




A Baby and Her First Time at the Children’s Museum.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Thank you for all the well wishes for our girl. I am happy to report that after a few fevers, some popsicles, and a few (very) stinky diapers, Olivia is back to her normal happy self, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that! We hate when she is sick, it’s just so heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, whatever she had, Dominic and I now have. We feel absolutely terrible but I would rather us be sick over Olivia any day.

Last Thursday, Dominic was off and I had mentioned a few days prior that admission was free at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier in Chicago. We were so excited to take Olivia and do something other than go to the mall, just the 3 of us. And we honestly had such a good time. Though it will be a little better once Olivia is older and she can understand things a bit more (she was playing with the plastic apples and oranges like they were balls), it was still so fun to see her interact with everything and be so amazed by it all.

I took SO many pictures, so you’re in for a lot. You’ve been warned.

This was before the museum. I always try to get a few shots of what she’s wearing before we go anywhere just in case she gets dirty (and also because I always send a picture to my sister!)

20130221_150128 20130221_202558 20130221_202601 20130221_202604 DSC00942 DSC00946 DSC00950

DSC00964 DSC00965

And then once we got there…

DSC00967 DSC00971 DSC00974 DSC00975 DSC00977 DSC00978 DSC00981 DSC00982 DSC00984 DSC00987 DSC00988 DSC00992 DSC00996 DSC00999 DSC01001 DSC01003 DSC01005 DSC01006 DSC01009 DSC01011 DSC01012 DSC01015 DSC01018 DSC01019 DSC01021 DSC01022 DSC01023 DSC01025 DSC01026 DSC01028 DSC01030 DSC01032 DSC01033 DSC01034 DSC01038 DSC01043

And then my camera decided to act reallllllllllly weird and I couldn’t get it to focus the right way. Of course while she’s wearing the littlest raincoat I’ve ever seen ever. Of freaking course.

DSC01059 DSC01061 DSC01063 DSC01065 DSC01068 DSC01069 DSC01074 DSC01078 DSC01080 DSC01084 DSC01086 IMG_20130221_180927 DSC01093DSC01103 DSC01104

(I couldn’t get enough of the walls in the elevator, aren’t they awesome?!)

And we also visited the photo booth. How funny are these pictures? Dominic’s faces are ridiculous.


And after we visited all the exhibits, we decided to walk around the inside of Navy Pier, and we also got some food. Dominic and I gave up fast food for lent, but we were STARVING, and we didn’t even think to bring sandwiches or anything. Parenting fail on our end, we better not let that happen when she’s older.

DSC01108 DSC01109 DSC01111 DSC01112 DSC01116 DSC01119 DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01128^That’s her stopping in Build-A-Bear to dance to the music they were playing^DSC01136 DSC01141 DSC01143 DSC01144 DSC01145 DSC01146 DSC01147 DSC01148 DSC01155 DSC01157 DSC01160 DSC01164 DSC01165 DSC01166 DSC01167

And because it was only 7pm when we were ready to leave, we decided to ware Olivia out even more by letting her walk around the mall a little. Bonus points for me because I went into F21 and found the cutestttt top. The Easter Bunny was there and because Olivia was dressed in a little skirt, we said “why not” and decided to get her pictures taken. She. Was. Terrified. Traumatized, even. Poor Girl.

Last Year:


This Year:


And then while Dominic paid, I put her down, she ran to the side and was just staring at the Easter Bunny like, “You better not come any closer to me.”


And then we took her by the water fountain, her fave, to relax her from the evil creature that is the Easter Bunny.20130221_203934 20130221_204613 20130221_204723 IMG_20130221_205024

It was honestly such a perfect family day, and it’s nice to do things just the three of us. I know Olivia had a good time, too, because once we got home, she kept giving us kisses without us asking her for them.

I love my little family so much, and there is not one thing I would change about our cute little life. I can’t wait to take Olivia to the other beautiful museums that Chicago has to offer and then once it gets nice outside, we can even introduce her to the beaches and walk around downtown. My favorite.

What do you do on Family Days?



The Parent Club.

Early Monday morning, I’m talking like 3am, Olivia was up crying in her crib. She has been such a good sleeper lately, only waking once around 5am, so when she wakes up like that, I always think something is wrong.

And this time, something was wrong.

She seemed very clingy when I picked her up from her crib so I, again, brought her in our bed, gave her some milk, and she fell asleep…..for like 10 minutes. She woke up again really fussy, and whiny and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and then it happened.

Our little tiny girl was throwing up all over our bed, and all over herself.

Olivia has been sick before, she’s had fevers, slept all day, runny nose, cough, she’s had it all. But vomiting was never involved and it was a little scary. Dominic went downstairs to get some cleaning supplies, some water, and even a piece of bread for her, while I quickly washed her off in the bathtub and changed her into new pajamas.

She must’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with her, or maybe she had too many different foods. Yesterday she had a little bit of  a cookie, and at the restaurant she had ground turkey, some cream of broccoli soup, and some mashed potatoes, maybe one of those things made her little stomach upset. Whatever it was, it makes me want to go back to exclusively breastfeeding her for the rest of her life so that this doesn’t happen again.

She looked so sad, and miserable, and this next part is going to be so bad to admit but after I gave her a bath, I wrapped her up in one of our towels and she looked so cute just laying there all wrapped up, I wish I would’ve taken a picture. But I didn’t. I was too worried to do anything but cuddle her and make sure she was okay.

We thought after all of that, she would just want some extra cuddles, but that she would be okay. But we were wrong. Olivia was up pretty much every 45 minutes throwing up, and then ultimately when there was nothing left, she started dry-heaving. It was seriously so scary and so sad and we felt so helpless.

Finally around 6:30am, she drank almost an entire glass of water, and I must’ve fallen asleep while she was drinking her water and I woke up to this:

IMG_20130225_105951(I cannot get over how perfect these two are.)

And then at 11am, Olivia was thankfully still sleeping, Dominic and I woke up looking at each other like we just survived our first war. And I guess in a way, we did survive our first something. He smiled at me and I said, “I guess we are officially in the club.” He asked, “What club?” and I said, “The Parent Club.”

20130225_110431 20130225_110440

I say it that way because this is only the beginning of Olivia keeping us up all night because she is ill, only the beginning of us worrying about her all night even when she is asleep right next to us, only the beginning of us washing her off in the tub in the middle of the night, and us having to change our sheets and scrub our mattress before trying to get some sleep just to wake up to it happening all over again. We survived our first night, and we are well aware that this won’t be our last.

The Parent Club is a tough club to be in sometimes, but it is by far the most important and rewarding club to be a part of, too.



Weekend Review- The Cell Phone Edition.

This is a nice little forewarning to let you know that 95% of these pictures are taken off my Galaxy S3 and as much as it’s a good camera for a phone, the pictures don’t really look the prettiest on a blog post.

Happy Monday!


Friday was probably our laziest day. I don’t think we left the house once. I know it’s probably not the best thing to admit, but I am a total homebody. I will choose to stay at home in my pjs with my daughter and Dominic over almost anything else. Sad, but true. Dominic would probably say the same thing. I guess we really just love each other’s company :) Although Dominic worked all night every night this weekend, Olivia took his spot and her and I snuggled on the couch all night. We practiced animal sounds and every time I said ‘ruff ruff ruff’ she would laugh hysterically. I love that she thinks I’m so hilarious.

20130222_181121 20130222_18051020130222_180439

I ended my night with a little ice cream sundae. Yes, those are candy cane sprinkles. I love sprinkles.



Olivia had a hard time sleeping and finally at 3am, we decided to just bring her in our bed.


(That’s her standing in the crib screaming “mamaaaaa…..dadaaaa….” And also, the time isn’t right.)

After she came in our bed, we all got some pretty good sleep and when we woke up, we just laid around and soaked in the sun that was coming in through our blinds. A nice and lazy morning.


Like I said before, one of the only good things about Dominic working late is that we get to wake up to him in the morning. The second? Taking Olivia downstairs and making us blueberry pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes make us do crazy things………like dance and make funny faces…naked, of course.

DSC01176 DSC01186 DSC01189 DSC01200 DSC01218 DSC01224 IMG_20130223_104948IMG_20130224_211929

Then Dominic got ready for work, and my Sister and my Dad came over, and we went to the mall. We seriously go to the mall so much, but it’s so cold out that it’s really all we can do, if we wanna get out of the house. Spring, we are ready for you.

Olivia threw her first Penny in the water fountain, she was so proud of herself.IMG_20130223_195500 20130223_143047 20130223_143144 20130223_143317 20130223_160655 20130223_160944

We stopped by my grandparents house for a little while, and when we got home I was supposed to give her a bath but she was a little fussy so we cuddled a little, and then she was passed out cold.


I ended my night with a little mom time. Tea, the Wedding Date, a few Girl Scout cookies, and some blog stuff.



I received free tickets a few weeks ago for a Bridal Expo in O’hare. I went to one a few years ago just for fun, and I didn’t really remember it because I wasn’t really thinking about getting married. But this time around, we went there with a purpose: wedding invitation ideas, flowers, and to try desserts….duh.. Oh and there was a fashion show, which was a nice bonus. I had to take Olivia with me because Dominic had to work, but I didn’t mind. Although I honestly thought she was gonna be a little fidget-y and want to walk, (she was in the bjorn because it was too crowded for anything else) she was so good. She got a little fussy toward the end, but that was because it was wayyyy past her nap time and she ended up falling asleep in my arms during the fashion show.

IMG_20130224_133818 IMG_20130224_134005 20130224_122013 DSC01229 DSC01230(The bathroom was SO pretty! How gorgeous are those walls?! And there were TVs in the mirrors!)

DSC01233 DSC01234 IMG_20130224_133318 20130224_132124 20130224_140142 DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01242


We stopped at one of my fave restaurants in Oak Park, The Ale House, and got turkey burgers before going home. We weren’t home for more than 5 minutes before deciding to go with Dominic’s parents to Target (how could we say no to Target?!) and for a quick little trip to Cold Stone to visit my sister.

20130224_180223 20130224_180501 20130224_180742 20130224_181946 20130224_183405


(best face ever? so far, yes.)

We ended our Sunday with a nice bath, a suave hair-do, milk for baby and cup of sleepy-time tea for mama.

DSC01245 DSC01252 DSC01253

I ended my night by picking out Olivia’s flower girl dress, and shoes (I’m in LOVE!) and next weekend we are hopefully going to pick out the bridesmaids dresses! I swear I get more and more excited every day; I cannot wait to marry Dominic.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!



10 Things Friday.

Thank goodness it’s Friday because it has been a VERY busy week and I am more than ready for the weekend!

This weeks Ten Things are…

olivias essentials

1. Pampers Cruisers– Olivia is in a size 5. I always go a size bigger to avoid the dreaded ‘blowout’. When she was tiny, we tried Huggies and she had a reaction to them because she has sensitive skin. Haven’t switched back since. PS New Mamas/Mamas-to-be: the Swaddlers have a nice yellow strip that turns blue when it’s wet, I loved that (and miss it) the most!

2. Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies– Olivia LOVES these. Loves loves loves. Seriously. If she sees that we’re buying her a new one at the store, she wants to eat them right away (I blame that on my dad who actually lets her get away with that.) She loves the cheddar ones, but because I honestly feel like I’m feeding her Cheetos (they smell just like them) I like to alternate between the cheddar and the veggie. Bonus points to Gerber because Dominic and I really like them, too!

3. Olivia the Pig– The show, the movie, the books. Olivia needs at least one dose of Olivia a day. We have all of her episodes recorded on our DVR and one of her bed time books is always an Olivia book.

4. Pampers Sensitive Wipes– We’ve been using these babies since the day she was born.I love them. I won’t lie though, we did try Huggies gentle care because they smell so good, but again, she got a really bad rash from them. Not. Okay.

5.  Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath and Lotion (lotion not pictured)- Since we almost always give Olivia her baths at night, we stick to this one. It smells so good and is very gentle on our girl’s skin.

6. Playtex “The First Sipster” Sippy Cup– We have gone through a plethora of sippy cups and this one has definitely been the favorite. Olivia likes to squeeze the top of her bottles/sippy cups and the contents just pour out all over her, and the floor/bed/couch. Not the Sipster though.

7. Baby Einstein Great Barrier Crib Music Soother– It’s basically a sound machine that plays the sound of an aquarium. I like this one because it has a switch for just the water noise, the water and a light, just music, and music and a light. Lately, 9 times out of 10 we’ve been finding ourselves just using the water noise. It also comes with a little remote, so you can turn it back on once it turns off. However by the time it does turn off, Olivia is usually asleep.

8. Tommee Tippy Closer to Nature Bottles- I have exclusively breastfed Olivia since day one and when we finally introduced her to the bottle at 4 months (because I went back to work for a bit), we had a very hard time getting her to take it. My friend, Steph, took it upon herself to buy us these bottles and Olivia liked them! Once I became a stay at home mom, I never needed to use the bottle, but the once in the blue moon time that I did go out for a girls night, Dominic used them and she hardly gave him any fuss. We are slowly weaning her off of the bottle, so now we only give it to her at night, but we love them. And Olivia walks around with it at night holding it with one hand, and literally chugs it. It is hilarious and so cute all at the same time.

9. Eddie Bauer High Chair– Okay, how gorgeous is this sweet thing? The moment I saw it while we were registering for our baby shower, I knew I had to have it. It really was love at first sight. The dark  wood makes it look so classy, the top tray comes off so you can slip it easily into the dishwasher, there is a little shelf to store bibs/bowls/whatever your heart desires right below the seat, and speaking of the seat, it feels pretty darn comfortable. Dominic and I are guilty of eating our meals in front of the TV in the past, but now we try to make sure that every meal, we sit her in her high chair and we eat as a family (or just her and I when he is at work). Dominic’s parents used to make him come home every night for dinner when he was younger, no exceptions, and he said he really liked it. And I really like the idea too, and there’s no reason why we can’t start now!

10. Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Song Palace (I feel like these titles just keep getting longer…)- We keep two sets of toys in the house, one on the middle floor where we spend most of the day, and then a set in her room that she mainly plays with only at night so that she can associate them with bed time. She got this castle as a birthday gift from my sister (her godmother) and it is so cute. She has each and every princess and prince to go with (all sold separately) and carries them around the top floor like they are her little babies. She plays with them every night before she goes to sleep, dances to the music that the castle plays, and kisses all of the little people goodnight. Bonus points from me because it’s Disney.

And that’s that! I know that number 9 was kind of a cop-out, but this list was harder to come up with than I thought!

What things does your little one use every day?

Have a good weekend!



A Baby and Her Love for Walking.

Last Wednesday, the temperature was around 45 degrees, which is nice for winter time around here, and I was really excited to take Olivia out to enjoy the sun, before it went down and the temperature dropped. Olivia took a longer nap than usual, so we were not able to enjoy being outside for long, but 20 minutes was more than enough time.

For the first time this year, we got to go to the park! Last summer, we introduced Olivia to the swings, and she was in love.

DSC04589 DSC04595

This time, she seemed a bit scared. I’m hoping it was just the weather, maybe it wasn’t warm enough to enjoy the swings?


After about a minute in the swing, she wanted out. She looked toward the park, and walked the other way. I think she is just so in love with the fact that she can walk, that that’s all she wants to do. Why play when you could be walking around discovering the world around you? I agree with you, sister.

ig DSC00446 DSC00451 DSC00454 DSC00466 DSC00469 DSC00472 DSC00476 DSC00497 DSC00500 DSC00503 DSC00519 DSC00517 DSC00523


This girl loves her some fresh air. Even on the coldest days, she just stares out the window, points and says ‘outside’ in her own little baby talk.


Have I mentioned how eager I am we are for spring?



P.S. They’re selling TOMS over at Zulily today…. Starting at $18.99! Kids, Men, Women and Eyeware! I snagged two pairs for Olivia!

The One Thing I Didn’t Want Her To Get From Me.

If you read my About Me, I mentioned that I was the pickiest eater that you’d ever meet. I really was not exaggerating. It takes a lot for me to try new things, and I usually stick to the same foods, just different variations of that food. Like chicken. I will try so many different variations of chicken, but if it has even one ingredient that I don’t like (i.e. Tomatoes or onions) then I won’t even think of eating that dish.

It seems that our dear, dear child has taken the same, bland path. Poor girl.

Dominic is the exact opposite from me (now us, I suppose). He will try/eat just about anything and has only a few dislikes (like mushrooms….and ironically, I could eat mushrooms all day everyday. LOVE.)

When I was pregnant, people would joke about how I was going to make Olivia become just as picky as I was and I always defended myself (though I know I didn’t have to) by denying such claims and telling them that I did not want that for her. And that was the truth. I really wanted her to have a larger food palate. Dominic and I both did. Once Olivia was born, I breastfed her exclusively. We didn’t introduce her to solids until she was 6 months old and for the first week, she ate that rice like a champ. She even tried and liked sweet potatoes and carrots. She did not like the fruits, I think she didn’t like the sweetness of them. After about 2 weeks, she would keep her mouth completely shut. She did not want the baby food. I knew that she was getting everything that she needed from breastfeeding, so we didn’t push her. When we knew that Olivia was in a good mood, we would sit her in her bumbo, and try to give her (jarred) baby food. 98% of the time, she would spit it out. I got the baby bullet as a gift from my mother before Olivia was born and I finally decided to take it out, and put it to use. I actually really loved making baby food, and I loved that I got to use my breast milk instead of water. However, Olivia didn’t like home made baby food either.

Later down the road, we tried giving her little pieces of soft things, like bananas, since she still didn’t have any teeth. No dice. I will admit that I was definitely nervous to give her foods, like softened carrots or rice, because I didn’t want her to choke. But little by little, we started giving her little tastes of food off of our plates. She is a carb girl, just like her mama. I’m serious when I say that literally the only thing she would eat at almost 10 months was mashed potatoes and bread…and she would eat Cherrios and those Gerber puffs every now and then.

Getting Olivia to open her mouth to try things is like an Olympic sport. Seriously. Even the mashed potatoes. I used to have to catch her off guard, stick a little in her mouth or on her lips and if she liked it, she would willingly open her mouth for another bite. Otherwise, she would shake her whole body to tell us no. Don’t get me wrong, the shaking her little body part was adorable, but so frustrating!

Now at 15 months, I sometimes still find myself having to go through great heights to get her to try something, or have her recognize that it’s actually something she likes, but, she is a little more brave about trying things without me having to do all of that. She is still very picky though. We just got her to start eating oatmeal in the mornings. And now she likes rice and peas. For a very long time she didn’t like anything sweet (she cried when we tried to give her her smash cake on her First Birthday), but of course that has changed, too. (Though we still try not to give her sweets… A little taste here and there but nothing extreme.) She likes all the things she isn’t supposed to. Like tortilla chips, and everything/anything that screams carbs.

At breakfast we have Oatmeal and she’ll snack on Cheerios and granola, and for lunch and dinner we give her a variety of things to try. I try to make it colorful, and full of different flavors/textures and we leave her alone. We don’t like to bother her by saying “Olivia, please put some food in your mouth.”  Instead, we talk about our days and pretend she isn’t there (although that’s pretty much impossible.) We found that by not paying attention to her, she is more apt to trying at least one of the things in front of her. We don’t want her to feel pressured. We want her to like food and want to eat it, not shove her meal down her throat. We do not push Olivia to eat anything; We’re not going to get anywhere if she is upset and/or fussy. We try to get her to try it once and if she doesn’t like it, then we wait a few days and revisit it. Or, if there are mashed potatoes involved, and I’m feeding her (as opposed to feeding herself), I’ll sneak in a small piece of chicken, or piece of carrot mixed in with the potato before giving it to her.


I also try to give her things that Dominic and I are also eating that night. We don’t want her to grow up thinking that she is always going to have different meals than ours, and sometimes knowing that we’re eating what she is, she’ll look at me eat something, find that same thing on her plate, and then put it to her mouth. Another thing that works for us: Positive reinforcement  Every time she actually puts it in her mouth, Dominic and I go, “YAY OLIVIA! You ate the ___! Good job!” and we’ll clap… and she laughs and thinks she is so cool, so she’ll put another piece in her mouth… Most of the time, anyway.

I feel like I’ve tried to give her some many different foods and she just sticks to what she knows and likes and the other things she doesn’t even give a chance. Like fruit. I cannot get her to eat one kind of fruit. Not even bananas.

On a positive note, not everything that she likes is bad for her. She loves corn, chicken, and ground turkey. Sometimes I can get her to eat one little sliver of a flour quesadilla, and as I mentioned above, she now likes oatmeal, rice, and peas. Every time she tries something new, I get so excited. Oh, and She’ll eat any kind of Gerber snack. And she loves pasta. But just angel hair, with red sauce.


I am honestly so in shock by the characteristics she got from me. I really did not think that this eating thing would be an issue and it’s actually kind of bizarre to me. She is not even one and a half and she already knows what she likes and dislikes. Not. Okay.

While we’re on the subject of Olivia and food, here’s a little story. Last night, Dominic and I had Jimmy Johns for dinner. I gave Olivia pieces of turkey, a little cheese, and some strawberries. She just stared at her plate.20130218_173549

But once I starting eating my sandwich, she pointed at it and said please, so I held it by her mouth to see if she would eat it. She took the entire thing out of my hand.

Once I got it back, I ripped off a piece, gave it to her, and she ate the entire thing. Oh, Olivia, you fickle, picky little person…..20130218_173739 20130218_173747 DSC00874 DSC00876


(obviously you can tell which pictures I took through my phone, and which I used wiht my actual camera…sorry about that)

Although this part of parenting is proving to be a little challenging, I look at it as learning new things about our girl, and I love that. I have looked into different recipes and I’m going to try to make some smoothies and maybe even banana muffins (I saw them somewhere this weekend, and now I cannot remember where!) to try to get her to eat more of the nutrients that she needs. I also saw a tip over on A Cup of Jo that if you hard boil an egg and peel it, instead of cutting it up, give her the whole thing and let her squish it and break pieces off on her own, she’s more likely to eat a greater amount of the egg that way. I can’t wait to try that one.

If you have any tips/tricks or if you just want to reassure me that I’m not alone with this kind of thing, I’d love to hear about it!



Weekend Review.

I can’t believe it’s already Monday!

I feel so exhausted after this weekend but in all honesty, we didn’t even do too much. You know that tired feeling after being in the car for so long? Well, I was in a car a lot this weekend, so I am taking this Monday nice and slow. Starting with a nice cup of tea and a vitamin.

Here’s what we did this weekend:


Dominic drives our car a lot more than I do, so he notices things that I really wouldn’t by driving the car every once in a while to make a quick trip to the grocery store. He explained that he thinks something is wrong with the transmission, so we woke up super early to make a 7 am appointment about a half hour away. It was easier to take Olivia in her pajamas so she could be comfortable because I knew she was going to fall right back asleep. I don’t like to wake up early, but once I’m actually up and out being productive, I actually prefer it. The best part about taking our car to the car dealership is that it’s about 5 minutes from Einstein Bros. Bagels. The best bagels ever. You should go check it out. Like, right now.

We introduced Olivia to this bagel heaven and she is definitely a fan. I always either get the blueberry or cranberry, this time I went with the cranberry and it was delicious as always.

2013-02-17 21.01.05

^Checking out what car she’s gonna drive first.


After we left the bagel shop, we drove all the way home just to realize that we FORGOT to take our house key before leaving the car at the dealership. Dominic’s dad was the only one with one of our spare keys that we could get a hold of and we had to drive to his work to get his house key, then to his parent’s house to get our actual key, and then our house. It was a long morning but Olivia and I both got our beauty sleep so we didn’t mind too much.

Once we finally got home, we ate lunch and then found ourselves outside again. It was too sunny and nice to not go for a little walk. Olivia loves to be outside and it makes me so excited for it to be nice enough to stay outside longer than 20 minutes.

DSC00715 DSC00719 DSC00748 DSC00722 DSC00723 DSC00725

Don’t get me wrong, I love our little townhouse, but now that we have a walking girl, it’s a little scary that it’s on a busy street. I always walk to one of the side streets to let her play because I just get a little too nervous.

Dominic had to work the night so we stayed in and one of my girl friends came over. She has been super busy lately so it was nice to finally hang out and catch up.


She’s a teacher and it was pajama day, so she came over in her pjs. It was only natural that we participated.

I have a really tight circle of besties. There are 6 of us and I am so thankful for the friendship we have. More importantly, I love how much they all love Olivia and they are always so good to her. We are really lucky!


On Friday night while Dominic was at work, he got a call saying that our car was already ready to be picked up. So, Saturday morning we woke up, and went all the way back to the dealership. But not before lying around a bit:


And getting some more bagels….

DSC00760 DSC00765

Dominic got chocolate milk, and Olivia kept eyeing it…even though she had her own regular milk. This girl is no dummy, she knows what the good stuff is. We let her try it. The results were smiles and a brown ‘stache. (smiles not pictured)

DSC00770 DSC00771 DSC00773

We were welcomed home by my sister and my dad. My dad comes over on Saturdays and Mondays and sometimes Fridays. My sister comes more often because Olivia and I always want her here :) but my dad works so he comes when he can. It was a little colder so we went to the mall so we could at least get out of the house. They had some art-fair going on and some guy was playing music, which Olivia just ate up. She loves to dance.

20130216_150948 20130216_161344 2013-02-17 21.25.52 2013-02-17 20.58.09

And this is a really bad picture of the coat, but we bought her this little thing because it was 22 dollars (regularly 60!) and as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew it had to be ours. She looks so cute in this damn thing, and although she’s only going to be wearing it a few more weeks, I was more than happy with the purchase.


Olivia fell asleep on the way home. She was so exhausted from all that walking! She even slept a little bit more once we were actually back home so I took the time to catch up on some blogs, and Dominic cleaned the car. A little later in the evening I decided to start a DIY that I’m hoping to post about within the next week or so because it’s super cute!


Sunday Olivia and I woke up early again to meet up with Dominic’s mom, aunt, and 3 of my girlfriends for breakfast.

DSC00784 DSC00785 DSC00788 DSC00790

We met up so that we could talk about the wedding. The more I talk about it, the more excited I get. And then we went to go pick up my dress (!) We got there early so we all jumped in one car to go get coffee. (Not shown: Stef in the trunk of the jeep)


I tried on my dress for the first time since I picked it out and I must say, I was a little nervous. I didn’t think it was going to be as perfect as I remembered it to be, but it was. Aside from a few small alterations, I feel so pretty in it and I cannot wait to see what Dominic thinks of it. September cannot come fast enough.

Dominic’s parents came over for dinner and to hang out for a bit in the evening…

DSC00800 DSC00802 photo (4)

After they left, we had a mini dance party…I wish you could see this kid’s moves in person. They’re impressive.

DSC00804 DSC00807

And we ended our Sunday night with a little play and story time. I melt when Dominic reads to her, I love how she sits there and listens to him so intently. When I read to her, she’s usually crawling all over me, or just ignoring me all together…. what a daddy’s girl.

DSC00829 DSC00841 DSC00823 DSC00846

And that is her kissing her baby goodnight.

As chaotic as the weekend may have started, it sure did have a sweet ending.

How was your weekend?



Valentine’s Day.

On Sunday, Dominic informed me that he was not able to get the day off for Valentine’s Day. He told me that he was going to work in the morning, and that he’d be home by 4, in enough time for him and I to go out for a little Valentine’s dinner. Since we agreed to not really do anything other than a dinner, I was okay with spending the whole afternoon with our Little Valentine.

At 6:30 this morning, my phone rang.

“Babe, I’m really sorry to wake you–”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just think I forgot the trainer schedule on the table, can you check to see if I did?”

“Sure, hold on….babe, you left all the lights on again–”

And as I’m reprimanding him, I smell something, and as I walk to the table, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Really, I couldn’t.


Remember how I told you that I was the one that went big for holidays, and Dominic didn’t? Well, this year proved to be the opposite. (Dominic never takes the price tags off of anything, fyi.)

I went upstairs, and woke up Olivia. Her daddy did us both good, and she deserved to not have to miss a second. Not only did he buy her first bouquet of flowers, he also bought her first cheesy Valentine’s day stuffed heart. It’s huge. She’s very indifferent about it. Okay, she’s kind of terrified of it.


We also bought her:

IMG-20130212-WA0016 DSC00555

And the other day, while I was enjoying a little alone time, I surprised her with a Valentine’s balloon. Olivia LOVES balloons. She calls them “boos”. Cutest thing ever. After today, Olivia accumulated 4 “boos”. One from me, two from Dominic, and one from my sister aka her godmother. Needless to say, Olivia is in balloon heaven.

Anyway, so after breakfast, Olivia and I hung out downstairs, watched some cartoons, did a little cleaning, a little playing…and Dominic took a nap. He was running on 3 hours of sleep because he had to keep up with his “I have to work on Valentine’s Day” story and left the house at 5am! That man…..

I was trying to get her to play with the giant heart, and I did get her to kiss it once, but she was still pretty terrified..I really don’t know why… Oh, and don’t mind the Santa’s on her feet, they are the only red pajamas she has and we had to be festive, duh.

DSC00546 DSC00543 DSC00554

As if our morning wasn’t festive (and cheesy) enough, I put pink heart-shaped milk ice cubes in her milk:


I’m that mom, and I am sooooooo okay with that.

After Dominic woke up, we got dressed.

Before I show you what Olivia wore, I’d like to start with how she looked at this time, last year. Little bitty Olivia on her First Valentine’s Day. I cannot believe this is already her second.



(look at those legs!!)

And present day. I absolutely loved her outfit:

DSC00566 DSC00561 DSC00598 DSC00557 DSC00596 DSC00590 DSC00575 DSC00568 DSC00601 DSC00607 DSC00608 DSC00625

DSC00659 DSC00560

(PLEASE disregard my dirty house. I promise that it’s not always like that, toys are always around the house, yes, but it’s a little more organized….usually.)

After our mini photo shoot, and my attempt to get a decent picture of Olivia looking at the camera while also smiling, we finally left the house and stopped at my grandma’s house because Olivia had a few gifts there. We ate pizza for lunch, and then left to go have cupcakes in the city. We went to a place called Molly’s Cupcakes. Dominic and I LOVE to go here. It is such a cute little place with the best red velvet cupcake you’ll ever taste. Olivia got her first taste of a Molly’s cupcake and although she preferred Dominic’s Nutella cupcake to my red velvet, it made me happy to see her enjoying it nonetheless :) We don’t really give her sweets, but on special occasions such as the beloved Love day, we just can’t resist. Oh, and guess what else? As I was walking into Molly’s, Elsie and her husband were about to walk out. I was kinda star struck, not gonna lie. I love her blog.

DSC00630 IMG_20130214_150304 DSC00634 DSC00635 DSC00636 DSC00637 DSC00641 DSC00646 DSC00649 DSC00651 DSC00652 DSC00656

She is a city girl already. We really wanted to walk around and let her walk off some of her soon-to-be sugar high, but it was much colder than we thought, and she ended up passing out in the car anyway.

We were out and about all afternoon so when we came home, we just kind of relaxed for a little while. Dominic’s parents came over around 6:30 to watch Olivia for a few hours, and Dominic and I went on a little date. It was nice to do something just the two of us, but we really missed Olivia. (We always do when she’s not around.)

I really had a taste for steak, and I really wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse (does anybody else really love it there?). When we got to the restaurant, we were informed that the wait for two was an hour and a half. Absolutely not.

After a lot of back and forth about where we should go, we decided to come back to Downtown La Grange and go to a little BBQ spot called ‘Q’. Before I knew Dominic, I wasn’t really a meat eater. And now, I just can’t hide my love for steak and ribs and pork. Of course Dominic and his family are to blame (Thanks, Guys!) Anyway, the food is always really good and I really enjoyed getting to have some real one on one, face to face conversation with my beautiful Valentine. Did you know that this is our last Valentine’s Day as a non-married couple? Weird.

DSC00706 DSC00696 DSC00704 DSC00697 DSC00698 DSC00692 DSC00701 DSC00702 DSC00695

We left feeling full, refreshed, and ready to get back to our baby. We made one last stop to pick up some milk and a movie, and went home.

We made it just in time to sneak in a few last tickles and snuggles before our Little Valentine went to sleep.

DSC00724 DSC00714 DSC00731 DSC00709

We ended our night with a movie, The Perks of a Wallflower, but we were way too exhausted to finish it.

In case you couldn’t guess, we had an amazing Valentine’s Day. I can’t say it enough that we are the two luckiest girls to have such an amazing man here to make us as happy as he does.

I hope you all had a wonderful little hallmark holiday, I would love to know how you spent your love day if you’re willing to share!

Happy Weekend!



10 Things Friday- Guest Blogger!

No, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy (and neither am I). I know that today is Thursday, and not Friday. But I have decided to push this week’s Ten Things Friday to Thursday for 3 reasons. 1, it’s Valentine’s Day; 2, I want to make Friday’s post a ‘what we did’ on Valentine’s Day; and 3, because it’s my blog and I can!

This week, as promised, Dominic is guest blogging to tell you the Ten Things he loves about Me! (I swear this is all him!)


These are the Ten Things….


1. I love the mother she has become, she is always giving her all, always has Olivia in mind, and makes everyone happy.

2. The way she loves. She has a soft, tender way of letting you know she cares.

3. The way she has always been scared of closets & needs the door open, and light on when we sleep.

4. Her drive to learn and do new things.

5. The way that our hands fit perfectly together, like the only two pieces to the puzzle.

6. The comfort & confidence I feel when she is around. I feel like I can accomplish anything as long as she’s behind me.

7. The crazy delicious things she can do to chicken.

8. The cute wiggle she does while putting on her jeans, followed by one final jump.

9. The way she can get me to laugh at any time of the day.

10. The way she has saved and changed my life. I was headed down a path that was going nowhere. She came alone and is solely responsible for the person I am today. I would give my life for her and do anything to make her happy. We have been through it all together but I would not change me life with her at all. I have torn out my heart and everything I am, gave it to her, and she has done nothing but do amazing things with it. She is my life.


He always has a way with his words, that one. I love this list the most because it’s not the first time I’ve heard some of these things. He is constantly telling me all the things he loves and appreciates about me, and it always makes me so happy. Like I mentioned before, I have always been a big fan of Valentine’s Day (a day devoted to Love and the color Red?! I’m in.) and since knowing me, his fondness for it has grown. Tomorrow I plan on writing what we did for Today, and the only hint I’ll give is that he told me on Sunday that he tried to get Valentine’s day off, but he couldn’t. He promised and everything. And guess what? He lied. He’s sitting next to me right now :) Even if we just sit next to each other on the couch all day, I will be as happy as a clam.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!