A baby and her bath time.

Ever since Olivia has been born, she has always loved being in the water. When we were ready to give her her first bath, we were preparing ourselves for her to be scared and crying and cold, and she just sat there and let us do our thing, and even take a few pictures. Here she is at a week:


At the time, we were living with Dominic’s parents, and we had the entire attic to ourselves, it was a nice little setup, and sometimes, though small, I actually miss it. Olivia’s first home, her first room, our first place as a family of three, kinda nostalgic thinking about it all. Anyway, we had a half bath up there and as a gift from our baby shower, we received this little baby spa (that we registered for because I wanted it SO bad!) and that was where we gave her all of her baths. Here she is at 6 months:

DSC02877(Oh my goodness, these pictures are making my heart melt and I haven’t even gotten to present day.)

We used that little pink tub until she was about 8 months, and then when we moved in our town home, we used it for a few weeks until  one day I just decided to put her in the sink. It was easier on my back, big enough for her to move around in, and bonus, I could load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen all while keeping an eye on her. And if you’re wondering, we have introduced her to the regular bath tub, and sometimes we’ll put her in there. If we’re in a really huge hurry, I’ll take her with me in the shower, or, I’ve even gone in the bath tub with her and just relaxed while she played…can you say MomWin? However, while all of those options work just fine, I still mainly go with the kitchen sink because I like to kill two birds with one stone. Clean baby and clean kitchen all at once. Boom.

Okay so this next set of photos….I’m warning you now, you are probably going to die because of all the cute. At least you will have died happy, right?

DSC09968edit DSC09972 DSC09982 DSC09987edit DSC09988 DSC09992 DSC09998 DSC00009edit DSC09953 DSC09955 DSC09964 DSC09966

…told ya.

This little girl has such a love for water (just like me), even pool water, and I hope she never grows out of it.

Happy Wednesday!




4 thoughts on “A baby and her bath time.

  1. Omg she reminds me of zay i use to try giving him a bath in the sink but he wouldnt budge he just loved the bath tub i also had that spa in green and used it til he was 6 mnths now its a hassle with bath time he just never ever wants to get out and i mean hes in there until hes prune he just loves his bubble baths and i couldnt be happier i cant wait for our vacay nxt weekend to the dells and see his reaction to the water park i just know hes gunna love it btw good job with this blog i love it and olivia is just the cutest lil baby girl ever

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