Dominic started a new job as a GM at a restaurant a few months ago and he had the most perfect hours. He left really early in the morning, and was usually home by 6:30 in the evening, just in time for dinner and our nightly bed time routine. After we’d put Olivia to sleep, him and I would cuddle on the couch and talk about what went on that day. About 2 weeks ago, he got transferred to a different location and now he has nighttime hours. I hate them. The only positive to this news was that he didn’t have to go in until 2pm, which meant we got to wake up with him. However, he doesn’t come home until midnight, and he is so exhausted, not to mention he misses dinner and the bed time routine.

Although I was very upset when I first found out, I realized that there was really nothing I could do. He was doing what he had to do to support our family, even if that meant the late shift and missing out on time with us. But those hours do not stop him, even while he is at work, he tries to be apart of the rest of our day. He is constantly texting me asking how the both of us are doing, and he never lets Olivia go to sleep without calling her via Face Time to say goodnight (she loves it.) And on the rare occasion that he does get to work the morning shift, or on his days off, you better believe we take full advantage of that time. Not only do I really love it, but I can tell that Olivia really enjoys him when he’s home. Sometimes, I feel like she misses him more than I do…(not too much more, though) She is constantly saying ‘Dada’ when it’s just the two of us, lights up when she sees him first thing in the morning, and is really clingy to him pretty much all day.


We’re almost three weeks in now, and I am starting to just appreciate the time that we do have with him in the morning, and early afternoon. Yesterday, we were up and out of the house by 10:30am, and even though we only went to Target and the Jewel, it was still nice to get out of the house, and spend part of a beautiful winter day together, just the three of us.



I love and appreciate so much the hard work and commitment he puts into making sure Olivia and I are well taken care of and never want for anything. In fact, I’d say we really hit the jackpot with scoring such a gentleman in our lives.

Back off, ladies, he’s ours for the rest of time and we are not sharing.




2 thoughts on “Jackpot.

  1. What a good man you’ve got there. I love how he checks in with your daughter {aaah, the wonders of technology!} and I love how you’re seeing the silver lining in this. Good for you! Happiness lies not in what’s in front of us, but in our perspective of it! Lovely blog, Katie!

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