10 Things Friday.

Hi guys, Happy Friday!

I was writing a post for today on Olivia’s everyday essentials, and I could only think of 7 (I wanted to think of 10). Since I was stuck in a little bit of a block, I decided to go for a run, and then take a nice shower. And then in the shower, I started thinking about it again. I literally started thinking of all these other lists that I could think of 10 things for, and then….Lightbulb. I was instantly inspired and decided to start a new series. Ten Things Friday. Every Friday, I will choose a category, and then write a list of ten things to go with that category. The possibilities are endless and I am not limiting myself to just parenthood. We’re going all out with this one.

With Valentine’s Day coming up next Thursday, I thought I’d start this series off in the spirit of love.

These are the Ten Things…..


1. He is my very best friend. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes!

2. He makes me feel so protected and safe.

3. Two words: Super. Dad. (Seriously, he is!)

4. He supports me in everything and anything I do or want to do. He has never once doubted me for a second. If I told him I wanted to be a skydiver, the next day he will have already bought me everything I need for it. No questions asked. I’m not joking, he really believes that I can do anything I want.

5. He is the friendliest person in the world. He will talk to ANYONE.

6. He puts up with ALL of my moods. All 31311158 of them.

7. He is so patient. With me, with Olivia, with everything. He is so easy-going.

8. I love his body. His whole body. Especially his arms, his eyes, and his smile. He has a killer freakin smile.

9. He can always make me laugh. Even when I am so completely mad at him, he can just say one thing and then boom, we’re  laughing with each other. A good and bad thing, I suppose….

10. The way that Olivia loves him so much (and the way he loves her right back), and their little beautiful relationship, makes me love him ten times more than I ever thought possible.

I know, I know, not only is my list a little cheesy (we are huge cheesies), but I wrote two consecutive posts about him. But it’s in the name of Love so I hope you can understand.

Anyone that wants to join in on 10 things Friday is more than welcome to! If you do, let me know so I can check out your lists as well!

Have a good weekend!



P.S. Guess what! I already have my first guest blogger! The Mister himself has agreed that for next Friday’s 10 things, he will write what he loves about little old me! This is going to be interesting….


6 thoughts on “10 Things Friday.

  1. This is so weird because I just drafted a “things I love about my husband” blog! And then I came here! Love that he will be writing a guest post…can’t wait to read it!


  2. How sweet! I have done posts like that about my husband before and although he appreciates them, he asked me to stop because some of his co-workers read my blog, lol!

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