Weekend Review.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

This weekend was so relaxing; filled with lots of lounging around, lots of food, and lots of family. Just what we needed.


Friday morning we finally got to sit down and meet with the caterer for our wedding! Although we weren’t able to try the foods just yet, it was very easy to choose the menu we wanted. It’s very simple, very neutral, and very very us. After all that talk about food, we decided to go out for breakfast. We live close to our town’s downtown area, which is actually pretty cute, and they have a really good breakfast palace called Blueberry Hill. I have been craving crepes, so that’s exactly what I had! They were delicious.

DSC00245 DSC00246 DSC00241DSC00249 DSC00252 DSC00256 DSC00258

The weather was so crappy. It was raining, then we got so much snow and so after breakfast, we just went home and lounged around.

Two other highlights from our Friday was that I got a call telling me that my dress was ready for pickup!! I can’t wait to go put it on again. The other highlight was this:


I obviously took this picture with my phone, hence the darkness, but this was a moment worth documenting. I have been trying to get Olivia to eat these pouches for such a long time, and I gave up for a while. Well, I decided that maybe the all-fruit ones were too sweet for her taste, so I bought her a sweet potato and apple one, and she liked it! She didn’t eat a lot of it, but she didn’t spit it out so that’s a sure sign that she doesn’t completely hate it. Looks like we’re finally making progress on her picky-ness.


On Saturday we headed up North for my younger cousin’s birthday party.

DSC00286 DSC00381DSC00382 DSC00383DSC00384

There was a 7 month old baby there, and this was the first time that Olivia has interacted with someone that was so much younger than her. She just kept petting her and saying “niiiiice” and “baby”.


………And then a couple minutes later I found her in the corner chugging this innocent little baby’s bottle of formula. I couldn’t believe her! I also couldn’t believe she  even liked it since she’s only had formula the first few days she was born. Our child, the bottle bandit.

While we were sitting around, it dawned on me that by the time we leave, it would be dark outside and I won’t be able to capture some of the beautiful snow-covered loveliness. So, right before the sun went down, I snuck out to snap a few shots.

DSC00357 DSC00359 DSC00362 DSC00363


I’m so glad that I went out there, and just stood in the silence, just me and my camera (and Dominic for a few minutes.)

Olivia LOVED being there. She was able to walk around the whole house without anyone telling her “No, don’t go over there.” “No, don’t play with that.” She just walked and walked and walked and everybody kept commenting on her energy. She just didn’t stop! It was nice to see her enjoying herself.

We ended up having an impromptu sleepover, spent all night talking, laughing and snacking. It was so nice to just get away and spend time with family that I don’t get to see as often because of our busy schedules, not to mention the 1 1/2 distance from each other.


We woke up pretty early Sunday(8:30), I made my famous breakfast pizza, we drank delicious coffee and then spent the rest of the morning on the couch watching cartoons and snuggling. Another monumental moment: Olivia was snuggling. It’s so hard for me to hold her anymore, let alone just lay on the couch and watch some ‘toons with her. Needless to say, I laid as still as possible, because I knew if I moved, she would move too. Here is documentation of said monumental moment:


Oh Olivia, you don’t even know that you make my heart melt daily.

Oh! And we finally got her to drink out of a juice box….apparently this was a weekend for monumental moments.


After a little bit more relaxing, we decided to head out, because on Sunday’s we have dinner with Dominic’s parents. Olivia didn’t want to leave and protested by staying at the top of the stairs:


She’s lucky she’s cute.

We love to go up to their house because it is so peaceful and quiet and more of a country feel. They have so much land, a cute/spacious house, and it’s just so welcoming. Hopefully when Dominic and I are ready to buy our first home in the next couple of years, we can be just as lucky.

Once we got home, we cleaned up the house, ate some dinner and Olivia got a bath. Our relaxing weekend ended with watching the Grammy’s and eating pretzels (Olivia’s new favorite snack)


I hope by now you realize that this is one of her favorite faces to make. We say “Olivia, say cheese!” And she will make a few variations of this face. Such a little ham.

I hope you all had a relaxing filled weekend, just like we did!




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