Valentine’s Day.

On Sunday, Dominic informed me that he was not able to get the day off for Valentine’s Day. He told me that he was going to work in the morning, and that he’d be home by 4, in enough time for him and I to go out for a little Valentine’s dinner. Since we agreed to not really do anything other than a dinner, I was okay with spending the whole afternoon with our Little Valentine.

At 6:30 this morning, my phone rang.

“Babe, I’m really sorry to wake you–”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just think I forgot the trainer schedule on the table, can you check to see if I did?”

“Sure, hold on….babe, you left all the lights on again–”

And as I’m reprimanding him, I smell something, and as I walk to the table, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Really, I couldn’t.


Remember how I told you that I was the one that went big for holidays, and Dominic didn’t? Well, this year proved to be the opposite. (Dominic never takes the price tags off of anything, fyi.)

I went upstairs, and woke up Olivia. Her daddy did us both good, and she deserved to not have to miss a second. Not only did he buy her first bouquet of flowers, he also bought her first cheesy Valentine’s day stuffed heart. It’s huge. She’s very indifferent about it. Okay, she’s kind of terrified of it.


We also bought her:

IMG-20130212-WA0016 DSC00555

And the other day, while I was enjoying a little alone time, I surprised her with a Valentine’s balloon. Olivia LOVES balloons. She calls them “boos”. Cutest thing ever. After today, Olivia accumulated 4 “boos”. One from me, two from Dominic, and one from my sister aka her godmother. Needless to say, Olivia is in balloon heaven.

Anyway, so after breakfast, Olivia and I hung out downstairs, watched some cartoons, did a little cleaning, a little playing…and Dominic took a nap. He was running on 3 hours of sleep because he had to keep up with his “I have to work on Valentine’s Day” story and left the house at 5am! That man…..

I was trying to get her to play with the giant heart, and I did get her to kiss it once, but she was still pretty terrified..I really don’t know why… Oh, and don’t mind the Santa’s on her feet, they are the only red pajamas she has and we had to be festive, duh.

DSC00546 DSC00543 DSC00554

As if our morning wasn’t festive (and cheesy) enough, I put pink heart-shaped milk ice cubes in her milk:


I’m that mom, and I am sooooooo okay with that.

After Dominic woke up, we got dressed.

Before I show you what Olivia wore, I’d like to start with how she looked at this time, last year. Little bitty Olivia on her First Valentine’s Day. I cannot believe this is already her second.



(look at those legs!!)

And present day. I absolutely loved her outfit:

DSC00566 DSC00561 DSC00598 DSC00557 DSC00596 DSC00590 DSC00575 DSC00568 DSC00601 DSC00607 DSC00608 DSC00625

DSC00659 DSC00560

(PLEASE disregard my dirty house. I promise that it’s not always like that, toys are always around the house, yes, but it’s a little more organized….usually.)

After our mini photo shoot, and my attempt to get a decent picture of Olivia looking at the camera while also smiling, we finally left the house and stopped at my grandma’s house because Olivia had a few gifts there. We ate pizza for lunch, and then left to go have cupcakes in the city. We went to a place called Molly’s Cupcakes. Dominic and I LOVE to go here. It is such a cute little place with the best red velvet cupcake you’ll ever taste. Olivia got her first taste of a Molly’s cupcake and although she preferred Dominic’s Nutella cupcake to my red velvet, it made me happy to see her enjoying it nonetheless :) We don’t really give her sweets, but on special occasions such as the beloved Love day, we just can’t resist. Oh, and guess what else? As I was walking into Molly’s, Elsie and her husband were about to walk out. I was kinda star struck, not gonna lie. I love her blog.

DSC00630 IMG_20130214_150304 DSC00634 DSC00635 DSC00636 DSC00637 DSC00641 DSC00646 DSC00649 DSC00651 DSC00652 DSC00656

She is a city girl already. We really wanted to walk around and let her walk off some of her soon-to-be sugar high, but it was much colder than we thought, and she ended up passing out in the car anyway.

We were out and about all afternoon so when we came home, we just kind of relaxed for a little while. Dominic’s parents came over around 6:30 to watch Olivia for a few hours, and Dominic and I went on a little date. It was nice to do something just the two of us, but we really missed Olivia. (We always do when she’s not around.)

I really had a taste for steak, and I really wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse (does anybody else really love it there?). When we got to the restaurant, we were informed that the wait for two was an hour and a half. Absolutely not.

After a lot of back and forth about where we should go, we decided to come back to Downtown La Grange and go to a little BBQ spot called ‘Q’. Before I knew Dominic, I wasn’t really a meat eater. And now, I just can’t hide my love for steak and ribs and pork. Of course Dominic and his family are to blame (Thanks, Guys!) Anyway, the food is always really good and I really enjoyed getting to have some real one on one, face to face conversation with my beautiful Valentine. Did you know that this is our last Valentine’s Day as a non-married couple? Weird.

DSC00706 DSC00696 DSC00704 DSC00697 DSC00698 DSC00692 DSC00701 DSC00702 DSC00695

We left feeling full, refreshed, and ready to get back to our baby. We made one last stop to pick up some milk and a movie, and went home.

We made it just in time to sneak in a few last tickles and snuggles before our Little Valentine went to sleep.

DSC00724 DSC00714 DSC00731 DSC00709

We ended our night with a movie, The Perks of a Wallflower, but we were way too exhausted to finish it.

In case you couldn’t guess, we had an amazing Valentine’s Day. I can’t say it enough that we are the two luckiest girls to have such an amazing man here to make us as happy as he does.

I hope you all had a wonderful little hallmark holiday, I would love to know how you spent your love day if you’re willing to share!

Happy Weekend!




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