Weekend Review.

I can’t believe it’s already Monday!

I feel so exhausted after this weekend but in all honesty, we didn’t even do too much. You know that tired feeling after being in the car for so long? Well, I was in a car a lot this weekend, so I am taking this Monday nice and slow. Starting with a nice cup of tea and a vitamin.

Here’s what we did this weekend:


Dominic drives our car a lot more than I do, so he notices things that I really wouldn’t by driving the car every once in a while to make a quick trip to the grocery store. He explained that he thinks something is wrong with the transmission, so we woke up super early to make a 7 am appointment about a half hour away. It was easier to take Olivia in her pajamas so she could be comfortable because I knew she was going to fall right back asleep. I don’t like to wake up early, but once I’m actually up and out being productive, I actually prefer it. The best part about taking our car to the car dealership is that it’s about 5 minutes from Einstein Bros. Bagels. The best bagels ever. You should go check it out. Like, right now.

We introduced Olivia to this bagel heaven and she is definitely a fan. I always either get the blueberry or cranberry, this time I went with the cranberry and it was delicious as always.

2013-02-17 21.01.05

^Checking out what car she’s gonna drive first.


After we left the bagel shop, we drove all the way home just to realize that we FORGOT to take our house key before leaving the car at the dealership. Dominic’s dad was the only one with one of our spare keys that we could get a hold of and we had to drive to his work to get his house key, then to his parent’s house to get our actual key, and then our house. It was a long morning but Olivia and I both got our beauty sleep so we didn’t mind too much.

Once we finally got home, we ate lunch and then found ourselves outside again. It was too sunny and nice to not go for a little walk. Olivia loves to be outside and it makes me so excited for it to be nice enough to stay outside longer than 20 minutes.

DSC00715 DSC00719 DSC00748 DSC00722 DSC00723 DSC00725

Don’t get me wrong, I love our little townhouse, but now that we have a walking girl, it’s a little scary that it’s on a busy street. I always walk to one of the side streets to let her play because I just get a little too nervous.

Dominic had to work the night so we stayed in and one of my girl friends came over. She has been super busy lately so it was nice to finally hang out and catch up.


She’s a teacher and it was pajama day, so she came over in her pjs. It was only natural that we participated.

I have a really tight circle of besties. There are 6 of us and I am so thankful for the friendship we have. More importantly, I love how much they all love Olivia and they are always so good to her. We are really lucky!


On Friday night while Dominic was at work, he got a call saying that our car was already ready to be picked up. So, Saturday morning we woke up, and went all the way back to the dealership. But not before lying around a bit:


And getting some more bagels….

DSC00760 DSC00765

Dominic got chocolate milk, and Olivia kept eyeing it…even though she had her own regular milk. This girl is no dummy, she knows what the good stuff is. We let her try it. The results were smiles and a brown ‘stache. (smiles not pictured)

DSC00770 DSC00771 DSC00773

We were welcomed home by my sister and my dad. My dad comes over on Saturdays and Mondays and sometimes Fridays. My sister comes more often because Olivia and I always want her here :) but my dad works so he comes when he can. It was a little colder so we went to the mall so we could at least get out of the house. They had some art-fair going on and some guy was playing music, which Olivia just ate up. She loves to dance.

20130216_150948 20130216_161344 2013-02-17 21.25.52 2013-02-17 20.58.09

And this is a really bad picture of the coat, but we bought her this little thing because it was 22 dollars (regularly 60!) and as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew it had to be ours. She looks so cute in this damn thing, and although she’s only going to be wearing it a few more weeks, I was more than happy with the purchase.


Olivia fell asleep on the way home. She was so exhausted from all that walking! She even slept a little bit more once we were actually back home so I took the time to catch up on some blogs, and Dominic cleaned the car. A little later in the evening I decided to start a DIY that I’m hoping to post about within the next week or so because it’s super cute!


Sunday Olivia and I woke up early again to meet up with Dominic’s mom, aunt, and 3 of my girlfriends for breakfast.

DSC00784 DSC00785 DSC00788 DSC00790

We met up so that we could talk about the wedding. The more I talk about it, the more excited I get. And then we went to go pick up my dress (!) We got there early so we all jumped in one car to go get coffee. (Not shown: Stef in the trunk of the jeep)


I tried on my dress for the first time since I picked it out and I must say, I was a little nervous. I didn’t think it was going to be as perfect as I remembered it to be, but it was. Aside from a few small alterations, I feel so pretty in it and I cannot wait to see what Dominic thinks of it. September cannot come fast enough.

Dominic’s parents came over for dinner and to hang out for a bit in the evening…

DSC00800 DSC00802 photo (4)

After they left, we had a mini dance party…I wish you could see this kid’s moves in person. They’re impressive.

DSC00804 DSC00807

And we ended our Sunday night with a little play and story time. I melt when Dominic reads to her, I love how she sits there and listens to him so intently. When I read to her, she’s usually crawling all over me, or just ignoring me all together…. what a daddy’s girl.

DSC00829 DSC00841 DSC00823 DSC00846

And that is her kissing her baby goodnight.

As chaotic as the weekend may have started, it sure did have a sweet ending.

How was your weekend?




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