A Baby and Her Love for Walking.

Last Wednesday, the temperature was around 45 degrees, which is nice for winter time around here, and I was really excited to take Olivia out to enjoy the sun, before it went down and the temperature dropped. Olivia took a longer nap than usual, so we were not able to enjoy being outside for long, but 20 minutes was more than enough time.

For the first time this year, we got to go to the park! Last summer, we introduced Olivia to the swings, and she was in love.

DSC04589 DSC04595

This time, she seemed a bit scared. I’m hoping it was just the weather, maybe it wasn’t warm enough to enjoy the swings?


After about a minute in the swing, she wanted out. She looked toward the park, and walked the other way. I think she is just so in love with the fact that she can walk, that that’s all she wants to do. Why play when you could be walking around discovering the world around you? I agree with you, sister.

ig DSC00446 DSC00451 DSC00454 DSC00466 DSC00469 DSC00472 DSC00476 DSC00497 DSC00500 DSC00503 DSC00519 DSC00517 DSC00523


This girl loves her some fresh air. Even on the coldest days, she just stares out the window, points and says ‘outside’ in her own little baby talk.


Have I mentioned how eager I am we are for spring?



P.S. They’re selling TOMS over at Zulily today…. Starting at $18.99! Kids, Men, Women and Eyeware! I snagged two pairs for Olivia!


3 thoughts on “A Baby and Her Love for Walking.

  1. Awww! Now these are the kind of pictures that make us want to have babies. She is such a little cutie! And she is definitely a little princess like her onesie says. Thanks for sharing! Your baby is precious! Xo, M&K at BT

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