A Baby and Her First Time at the Children’s Museum.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Thank you for all the well wishes for our girl. I am happy to report that after a few fevers, some popsicles, and a few (very) stinky diapers, Olivia is back to her normal happy self, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that! We hate when she is sick, it’s just so heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, whatever she had, Dominic and I now have. We feel absolutely terrible but I would rather us be sick over Olivia any day.

Last Thursday, Dominic was off and I had mentioned a few days prior that admission was free at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier in Chicago. We were so excited to take Olivia and do something other than go to the mall, just the 3 of us. And we honestly had such a good time. Though it will be a little better once Olivia is older and she can understand things a bit more (she was playing with the plastic apples and oranges like they were balls), it was still so fun to see her interact with everything and be so amazed by it all.

I took SO many pictures, so you’re in for a lot. You’ve been warned.

This was before the museum. I always try to get a few shots of what she’s wearing before we go anywhere just in case she gets dirty (and also because I always send a picture to my sister!)

20130221_150128 20130221_202558 20130221_202601 20130221_202604 DSC00942 DSC00946 DSC00950

DSC00964 DSC00965

And then once we got there…

DSC00967 DSC00971 DSC00974 DSC00975 DSC00977 DSC00978 DSC00981 DSC00982 DSC00984 DSC00987 DSC00988 DSC00992 DSC00996 DSC00999 DSC01001 DSC01003 DSC01005 DSC01006 DSC01009 DSC01011 DSC01012 DSC01015 DSC01018 DSC01019 DSC01021 DSC01022 DSC01023 DSC01025 DSC01026 DSC01028 DSC01030 DSC01032 DSC01033 DSC01034 DSC01038 DSC01043

And then my camera decided to act reallllllllllly weird and I couldn’t get it to focus the right way. Of course while she’s wearing the littlest raincoat I’ve ever seen ever. Of freaking course.

DSC01059 DSC01061 DSC01063 DSC01065 DSC01068 DSC01069 DSC01074 DSC01078 DSC01080 DSC01084 DSC01086 IMG_20130221_180927 DSC01093DSC01103 DSC01104

(I couldn’t get enough of the walls in the elevator, aren’t they awesome?!)

And we also visited the photo booth. How funny are these pictures? Dominic’s faces are ridiculous.


And after we visited all the exhibits, we decided to walk around the inside of Navy Pier, and we also got some food. Dominic and I gave up fast food for lent, but we were STARVING, and we didn’t even think to bring sandwiches or anything. Parenting fail on our end, we better not let that happen when she’s older.

DSC01108 DSC01109 DSC01111 DSC01112 DSC01116 DSC01119 DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01128^That’s her stopping in Build-A-Bear to dance to the music they were playing^DSC01136 DSC01141 DSC01143 DSC01144 DSC01145 DSC01146 DSC01147 DSC01148 DSC01155 DSC01157 DSC01160 DSC01164 DSC01165 DSC01166 DSC01167

And because it was only 7pm when we were ready to leave, we decided to ware Olivia out even more by letting her walk around the mall a little. Bonus points for me because I went into F21 and found the cutestttt top. The Easter Bunny was there and because Olivia was dressed in a little skirt, we said “why not” and decided to get her pictures taken. She. Was. Terrified. Traumatized, even. Poor Girl.

Last Year:


This Year:


And then while Dominic paid, I put her down, she ran to the side and was just staring at the Easter Bunny like, “You better not come any closer to me.”


And then we took her by the water fountain, her fave, to relax her from the evil creature that is the Easter Bunny.20130221_203934 20130221_204613 20130221_204723 IMG_20130221_205024

It was honestly such a perfect family day, and it’s nice to do things just the three of us. I know Olivia had a good time, too, because once we got home, she kept giving us kisses without us asking her for them.

I love my little family so much, and there is not one thing I would change about our cute little life. I can’t wait to take Olivia to the other beautiful museums that Chicago has to offer and then once it gets nice outside, we can even introduce her to the beaches and walk around downtown. My favorite.

What do you do on Family Days?




3 thoughts on “A Baby and Her First Time at the Children’s Museum.

  1. love all the pictures! my hubby and i are expecting baby #1 in May. can’t wait until he will be big enough to go to the children’s museum in Minnesota. looks like you had a perfect day! :)

    • Ah, congratulations on baby Christian! Such an exciting time! The next two months are going to fly by so make sure you’re getting a lot of rest! And yes, it was perfect :) xo

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