Weekend Review.

We brought in the first weekend of March on a real calm note. What did you do this weekend?


Friday morning Dominic let me sleep in and took Olivia downstairs for a little while. This is what I woke up to.

Two peas in a pod, those two.

20130301_093316-1 20130301_093319-1DSC01384

Even though we all woke up feeling much better, we still decided to lounge around in our pjs all day.  (And yes, those are Santa Claus’ all over her pjs). My grandma stopped by with her BFF, Renne’ (aka Grandma Ree). She hasn’t seen Olivia and quite some time, so it was nice to see her. She’s always so good to Olivia and treats her like her own, and I really love that. She brought Olivia a new Olivia book, which Olivia has already bitten a hole into in the back of the book. Real cute, daughter. Realllllllll cute.

DSC01389 DSC01390

Friday is also Brideday. If you don’t already know, TLC has Brideday every friday and plays marathons of all the wedding shows. One of my girlfriends, Stef, comes over on Fridays and we make dinner and drinks, and watch TLC all night. This time for dinner, we made Pesto Pizza. The pictures really do not do the pizza justice. It. Was. SO. Good. My bff, Mandy, also stopped by, but only for a little while. I love when they come over, and so does Olivia :)

20130301_192454 DSC01393


My sister brought our little niece, Elianie, along and I feel like I haven’t seen her in months. She has gotten so big far too fast and I don’t like it, but she is turning into such a smart and beautiful little girl. She refers to Olivia as Princess Olivia, I don’t really know why, but it’s so cute nonetheless. When they got to my house, Olivia was still taking a nap and once she woke up, Elianie just couldn’t keep her hands off of Olivia. Olivia loves Elianie, and they have the sweetest little relationship that just makes my heart melt. Elianie hasn’t seen Olivia since she’s learned how to walk so while Olivia was walking around our living room Elianie said, “Princess Olivia, you can walk now! I’m so proud of you.”  And then I died because I just could not handle the sweetness.

My dad had mentioned at the beginning of the week that he was going to take us to Outback Steakhouse…um, yum. My sister and I are obsessed with that place and want to go there every chance we get!

DSC01395 DSC01397 DSC01400 DSC01401 DSC01403 DSC01408 DSC01410 DSC01412 DSC01413 DSC01415 DSC01416 DSC01417 DSC01423 DSC01425 DSC01426 DSC01429 DSC01436 DSC01437

Afterward, we went to Wal-Mart. I’ll just go on record and say that I really do not like Wal-Mart. (#TeamTarget) It’s always dirty in there and 75% of the people who work there look and act like they don’t want to be there, but I do like the prices. So, for practical things (paper goods, nail polish, even some food), it’s cheaper to shop there than other places. There, I said it. Anyway, this time around, we needed garbage bags, and Olivia’s little crunchy puffs.

DSC01442 DSC01449^Dance party in electronics^DSC01450 20130302_175119 DSC01457 DSC01458 DSC01460 DSC01462 DSC01464

After we dropped off my sister and Elianie, my Dad came by to hang out with Olivia and I before she went to bed. We watched cartoons, drank milk, and then she fell asleep holding her little bear by the leg.

DSC01466 DSC01473 DSC01476 DSC01478^Milk drunk^DSC01481 DSC01486 IMG_20130303_001110


Olivia jumped in bed with us at around 7:30, 8 o’clock and then we slept in until 11:30am. It was glorious! When we finally rolled out of bed, Dominic made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast, for the first time since Tuesday (that’s a long time in this house!). They were delicious, per usual.

IMG_20130303_123036 DSC01488 DSC01489 DSC01494 DSC01499 IMG_20130303_124247

We get really sad when Dominic leaves for work after having such a nice morning, so we cuddle on the couch and pout about it.


Once we finally got over it, we got dressed and went with his parents to the –wait for it– mall (are any of you surprised?)

20130303_163107 DSC01505^First escalator ride.^DSC01508 DSC01504 DSC01510 DSC01511 DSC01512

Olivia skipped her nap, so I was really confident that she would knock out pretty quickly, but alas, I was wrong. She still gave me a little trouble because she wanted to just hang out with me. I’m flattered that she thinks I’m so fun.

Next weekend, Dominic and I are celebrating our anniversary (6 years!) by going to a beautiful town called Galena. Dominic’s mom’s boss owns a house out there that we usually frequent in the summer, but this is actually our first time going when it’s colder out. We are all very excited to get out-of-town for a few days, and I’m excited to spend next Saturday evening being young and crazy with my love. I’m also hoping to get a lot of wedding stuff organized. It is always so nice and peaceful and it’s seriously ALL I’ve been thinking about all weekend. His parents are leaving Thursday and because Dominic was only able to get Friday, Saturday, Sunday off, we’re meeting them up there early Friday afternoon. I pray this week goes by super fast!

Happy Monday, All!



P.S. This month, I have joined Lauren’s Hello Box. It is a cute little monthly program where she pairs us up with another blogger to get to know a little better. This month my blog-friend is Amanda over at My Very Own Modern Family. Everybody go on over and say Hi to Amanda!


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