Just some lists.

Before I left for Galena, I made a few different lists. Have I mentioned how much I love making lists?

I made a ‘To Pack’, a ‘To Buy’ (before leaving for Galena), a ‘To Buy’ (while I was in Galena), and a ‘Things I want to get accomplished’ (while I was in Galena). The ‘Things I wanted to get accomplished’ went a little something like this:


*organize registry *make an organized address list *fill out save the dates *pick out color schemes for the wedding party’s outfits *finalize Olivia’s outfit *pick out a few etsy items *look up more DIY *figure out Bridal Shower *look for cute wedding stuff in Galena *figure out hair and makeup

-Write a few posts

-Organize my pictures and finally get some up in frames (and get all of the others onto my external hard drive so my computer isn’t so slow)

-Figure out Photoshop

-Make shopping list

Guess which ones I was able to check off the list?

None of them.

I am DEAD serious. I was in such a relaxing state, that I did not do one thing that I wrote on my ‘Things I want to get accomplished’ list. I really want to feel bad about it, but I don’t. I needed that little clearing of the mind and I am more than satisfied with coming home completely inspired. Besides, that counts as some sort of accomplishment, right?

Today I am taking the day to get a few of those things checked off, but before I sign off, I would love to hear some of your recommendations for cute etsy shops (mainly wedding, also looking for a cute tote/diaper bag), and if you have any sites, advice or tips/tricks on learning Photoshop (Dominic got me Photoshop Elements 11 for Christmas).

You can leave it all in the comments, or email me at ohheybabyblog@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!



P.S. Olivia’s TOMS finally came in the mail yesterday! I mentioned a few weeks ago that Zulily was having a huge sale on Tiny TOMS, and we ordered her three pairs! They are even cuter than I could’ve ever imagined and they are so small. Olivia is usually a size 3, but I ordered a size 4 in each the black and cream, and 4 1/2 in red. I heard that TOMS run small, so I was super worried that it would take Olivia for-ev-er to grow into them, but they almost fit her perfectly and I cannot wait to put them on her all the time. Also on my mind? Buying matching ones so that we can match…….I’m only half kidding ;)



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