Weekend Review.

Happy Monday, everyone!

How did we get here so fast? The weekends come slowly and go so quickly and it just isn’t fair. Most of my pictures this week are from my cell phone again and I am starting to realize that’s how all of my weekends are. We’re just going from place to place and I just don’t always remember to grab my camera, or sometimes it’s just easier to not lug it around at all. Oh well… I try to remember more often? I probably won’t though.


We were supposed to get our townhouse sprayed because we had a problems with spiders a few months ago. Yuck. He came last month and I guess part of the treatment was to come back a month later. Well, the man never came. Which means the spiders are probably going to come back……awesome.

Olivia FINALLY had her eye appointment Friday afternoon. Although I didn’t really like what she had to say, I’m very glad we went in to see her. Tomorrow I plan on writing about our visit.

20130315_142331 20130315_142438 DSC02387editDSC02403

After we left the doctor (which took forever, by the way), we went to Corner Bakery for lunch, swung by the house to pick up our overnight bags, and headed up North to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I love going up there, don’t get me wrong, but that ride was killer. Actually, I think it only sucked because I wasn’t feeling too hot, there was traffic, we were in the car all morning, and last weekend we spent a lot of time in the car, too. Anyway, once we got there everything was fine, we talked, laughed, ate a nice dinner, and then Olivia, my Aunt, and I went to Target and Wal-Mart to get clothes for the 5k.

At Wal-Mart, we found a baby backpack, of course we put it on Olivia. She loved it and she looked sooooo freakin cute! She walked around the whole store with that thing on and everybody loved it. She’s such a ham just like her daddy.


We also bought and made chocolate chip cookies and blueberry scones and stayed up until about 1am, while Olivia slept on the couch, just talking about everything….one of my favorite things about going up there. I love talking to my aunt. Although we were so into our conversation that we cooked the sweets a little too long… Lucky for me, I love my chocolate chip cookies crunchy :)

DSC02410edit DSC02413edit DSC02417edit


I woke up Saturday feeling terrible. Let’s just say, being a girl is the worst sometimes, if you know what I mean. The 5K started at 8:1o so we had to wake up really early, get ready, and bundled and out the door very quickly.

I have never ran a 5k before…and I didn’t really practice for this one either. But I will say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Granted we walked more than we jogged, the distance itself wasn’t too bad. The weather on the other hand. Ouch. Mother Nature wasn’t holding back at all that day. It was cold, snowing, and so icy. I wish I would’ve worn another pair of pants and remembered my gloves. Dominic, my cousin, Cody, and Olivia stayed inside and waited for us to be closer to the finish line to then come out and cheer us on. Olivia had mittens on and seemed very nervous to move her arms while wearing them.

IMG_20130316_071706 20130316_080758(0) 20130316_080843 DSC02419edit DSC02426 DSC02437edit DSC02439edit DSC02441edit 20130316_090806

We finished in 50 minutes, which isn’t the best, obviously, but I was happy to have finished in under an hour and hey, at least we did it. 

We celebrated by picking up Starbees, and then heading back to the house for some breakfast and muchhhhhh needed relaxing time. We were so exhausted and so sore.

DSC02443edit DSC02447

We literally spent the entire afternoon on the couch, watching a really weird show on the Discovery Channel, and then apparently the 3 of us fell asleep at one point. Photo courtesy of my cousin, Cody.

803417_496362397067265_118230768_n 20130316_132331

We headed out at about 2:45pm and made the drive back home. Funny story: We were walking out the my Uncle’s front door talking to them as we were walking and we’re like ‘okay, bye!’…….and then we realize my Uncle still has Olivia in his hands. “Um, babe, we kind have to bring our daughter with us.” My uncle: “No you don’t!” And slams the door on us. I can’t believe we both walked out without her! Whoops O:)

Anyway, we told my dad that we would be back in time for dinner, and he was craving pizza, so a pizza party we had. Olivia was definitely not mad about that, as one of her absolute favorite things to eat is pizza. Actually, she just really loves the sauce and the crust. Same thing, right?

DSC02459 DSC02462

We gave her a bath, did our nice little bed time routine, and then put her to sleep. Afterward, Dominic and I decided to have a nice little Netflix night in bed, and we started a new show. Lost….. Oh. My. God. We watched 6 episodes before our eyes started burning and even though we were so tired, we didn’t want to stop. So far, we really like it. Clearly. Has any one else watched it? I can’t believe there are 6 seasons!

20130316_204146 IMG_20130316_2130290f0842a28eb411e2ba9922000a1f9c9a_7


On Sunday I woke up feeling even more sore, which I totes knew was going to happen. Dominic let me sleep in, and then I finally was up at 11:30 when my sister stopped by, followed by Nick and Nancy.

They brought lunch, we chit chatted a bit, Dominic got ready for work, Olivia and I got ready for a birthday dinner at my Grandma’s, for my Grandma, and then we were off.

We love it there.

DSC02467edit DSC02471 DSC02475DSC02487edit

What we don’t love is a St. Patrick’s Day headband, apparently:

DSC02495edit(Party pooper.)

Also? This is the very first Holiday that she wasn’t dressed for the occasion. The mint green onesie was seriously the only green clothing she owns! Shame on me.

Our little niece, Elianie, was there and Olivia is obsessed with her. Eli kept asking Olivia “Do you want some cake?” in this little baby voice and Olivia was laughing from her toes, I wish I would’ve caught it on video.

DSC02494edit DSC02478edit DSC02479edit DSC02499 DSC02505

My Uncle always jokes about him taking Olivia with him back to his house….this time he put her in one of his bags he was taking home. Smooth.


After we left, we visited my sister at her job, hung out with her on her break and then made a trip to our beloved Target. Also? Baby toms. Need I say more?

20130317_184325 20130317_193413

When we got home, Olivia was very worn out. I put her in her pjs, gave her some milk, and she was out cold without even playing with her toys or reading a book.

And then mama got to relax in the peace and quiet with a nice cup of tea and some graham crackers. Fave snack ever.

How was your weekend?




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