A Baby and A Track Suit.

For her first birthday, one of my bffs, Steph, got Olivia a Puma track suit. It’s the cutest and funniest little thing, mainly because it’s a minitaure version of something I know that Steph would wear. I had never put it on her because, really, when would be a good time for a baby to sport a track suit? Olivia isn’t doing anything athletic anytime soon….unless you call running around like a maniac, athletic….(which some might.)

Anyway, last week, Steph came over, and we were doing wedding stuff, and just hanging around, laughing, talking, you know, girl stuff, when I decided to give Olivia a bath. Afterward, Steph suggested that we put the track suit on her. How could I object? When else would she ever wear it?

When I put it on her, we both about died. I swear, this kid gets cuter by the second and with her walking around in this track suit I just…let’s just say in that moment, not a whole lot could have been better than Olivia in this track suit.

So the first few pictures are from that night. We combed her hair that way on purpose (of course), and it just made the outfit that much better. I let her sleep in the pants, and then when we woke up in the morning, I decided to add a bow, and take a few more pictures…how could I ignore that beautiful natural light we get in this place (a.k.a how can I ignore taking MORE pictures of my child in a freakin TRACK SUIT)?

Also, she basically looks like Dominic’s twin 95% of the time (not fair!) and this photo set just proves that.

DSC02516 DSC02520 DSC02526edit DSC02527edit DSC02528edit DSC02538edit DSC02542edit DSC02545edit^Appropriate model side shot, obvi.^DSC02557edit DSC02558edit DSC02562edit^Okay, can we just talk about how FUNNY this picture is?! She really looks like she’s posing! I swear I didn’t have her do this on purpose!^DSC02565edit DSC02568edit DSC02572edit DSC02591edit^That is a Dominic face, my friends.^DSC02593edit

I mean…….why is she so freakin awesome?


Have a good Wednesday!




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