A Baby and A Track Suit.

For her first birthday, one of my bffs, Steph, got Olivia a Puma track suit. It’s the cutest and funniest little thing, mainly because it’s a minitaure version of something I know that Steph would wear. I had never put it on her because, really, when would be a good time for a baby to sport a track suit? Olivia isn’t doing anything athletic anytime soon….unless you call running around like a maniac, athletic….(which some might.)

Anyway, last week, Steph came over, and we were doing wedding stuff, and just hanging around, laughing, talking, you know, girl stuff, when I decided to give Olivia a bath. Afterward, Steph suggested that we put the track suit on her. How could I object? When else would she ever wear it?

When I put it on her, we both about died. I swear, this kid gets cuter by the second and with her walking around in this track suit I just…let’s just say in that moment, not a whole lot could have been better than Olivia in this track suit.

So the first few pictures are from that night. We combed her hair that way on purpose (of course), and it just made the outfit that much better. I let her sleep in the pants, and then when we woke up in the morning, I decided to add a bow, and take a few more pictures…how could I ignore that beautiful natural light we get in this place (a.k.a how can I ignore taking MORE pictures of my child in a freakin TRACK SUIT)?

Also, she basically looks like Dominic’s twin 95% of the time (not fair!) and this photo set just proves that.

DSC02516 DSC02520 DSC02526edit DSC02527edit DSC02528edit DSC02538edit DSC02542edit DSC02545edit^Appropriate model side shot, obvi.^DSC02557edit DSC02558edit DSC02562edit^Okay, can we just talk about how FUNNY this picture is?! She really looks like she’s posing! I swear I didn’t have her do this on purpose!^DSC02565edit DSC02568edit DSC02572edit DSC02591edit^That is a Dominic face, my friends.^DSC02593edit

I mean…….why is she so freakin awesome?


Have a good Wednesday!




10 Things Friday.

Dominic and I have reached a new chapter in our lives: we get to start buying Olivia gifts for Holidays. As nice as it was to NOT have to worry about splurging on items for our baby because we knew she wouldn’t get what it was all about, we are so excited to be able to give her presents now, and see the look on her face when she receives new things. We actually started said chapter on Christmas when we bought her this (which she loves!), and now with Easter being right around the corner (I cannot believe we are about to enter our last week of March!), we are very excited to fill an Easter basket for our girl. We’ve been talking about what to put inside, and while there won’t be a lot, the items we’ve been talking about will be special, and candy-less.

In case you need a few last minute ideas, these are ten Eleven

candy-less easter ideas

1. Chalk. These are perfect for the Holiday. Nothing says Spring like chalk!

2. Bubbles. We introduced Olivia to bubbles already (we play with them inside) and she loves them. I can’t wait until she can chase them around the yard!

3. An Easter book. Olivia is lucky enough to have gotten this already, so I actually have my eye on this one (I loved it when I was little).

4. A Puzzle. Any kind, really. This Etsy shop has beautiful, more intricate puzzles!

5. Slide & Sleek. These are just cute and Eater-ish.

6. Play Doh. These smell like lavender and are home made, but you can also go with the good old regular stuff.

7. Stickers. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea…..

8. Blocks. I really love these wooden blocks, but I have also looked into these as well.

9. Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies. Perfect Easter candy-less treats. They have tons of flavors, but cheese-anything is my jam.

10. Headbands by Little Hip Squeaks. I want these headbands for Olivia So. Bad. (maybe even a set for myself ;) How cute are they?! I’m obsessed with all of the different patterns. I love to support small businesses so I cannot wait to purchase something from this shop. They also sells baby blankets!

(And one more…just because.)

11. A Stuffed Bunny. I think this one is pretty obvious.

Happy Friday!



My first ever call to Poison Control.

Monday night, I found Olivia in the corner eating something.

It turned out to be a sponge for Dominic’s shoe shiner.

Usually, we keep Dominic’s shoe shiner in a little drawer in our coffee table. Olivia likes to play with it when she comes across it. It’s always sealed shut, and it’s pretty hard for her to get it opened, if she tried, which she doesn’t. She usually just bangs it against the coffee table to hear the loud sound, which we don’t mind. I think she went to do the same thing this time, but realized that it was a different texture than usual, liked that it was soft, and put it in her mouth.

I think that it was an honest mistake on Dominic’s part. I mean, we all know that he would never do anything to purposely hurt her, obviously. I’m sure that he was rushing to clean the house (as we do when his parents, or my family, or really anyone, comes over), didn’t even realize that the lid wasn’t on the shoe shiner, and just put it in its usual spot in the drawer.

In all honesty, I didn’t even think to contact Poison Control first. Instead, I called our doctor’s office (well first I called my grandma), who then directed me to poison control.

I was so ashamed to have to even make the call, but the woman who helped me was really nice….and it didn’t sound like there was any judgement in her voice, which was a plus. She told me that as long as Olivia was still drinking/eating and wasn’t showing any signs of being bothered or in pain, that she was most likely fine, but just to watch her for a few hours. Thank god.

As soon as I got off the phone with Poison Control, I sent a text to Dominic and said “We really need to start watching what is in Olivia’s reach. Anything that we wouldn’t put in our mouths, shouldn’t be in reach for her to be able to put in hers.”

I then realized that although Dominic and I have child proofed, and made sure that the really dangerous stuff was either out of reach, or correctly locked/covered up, we quickly forget that the small stuff needs to be checked (and re-checked) just as much. We didn’t even think twice about putting the shoe shiner in the coffee drawer, which she goes in every. single. day.

I have already started going through the whole house, at Olivia’s level, on all fours, and re-checked to see what she can get to at her reach. We plan on re-re-checking, again, this weekend (as well as get some spring cleaning done, hopefully!) because although the woman on the other end of that line was super super nice, and calm, and helpful. I hope to never have to call them again.

Have you ever had to call poison control for your little one?



P.S. you should always have the Poison Control number handy. On your fridge, in your cell phone and even on your computer. In case you don’t know it, the number is 1-800-222-1222

P.P.S A picture of Olivia, for good measure. She was having a hard time staying asleep in her crib last night, so I let her sleep on the couch while I wrote and listened to Pandora (please run and check out the Lumineers Station for calm, beautiful music, and/or the Jimmy Eat World Station for a bit of High School nostalgia…I usually switch off every couple of songs so that I can enjoy the best of both!). Also, do sleeping baby pictures ever get old? Nope.


A Baby and Her Fave Cousin

One of my bffs, Michelle, all the way from kindergarten had a baby 4 years ago. I will never forget the day that she told me she was pregnant, the days through her pregnancy, and the day I got the news that my niece, Elianie, was born.

When Eli was born, Michelle and I were living together. I was obsessed with Elianie. She was the best thing to happen in our lives and I can still remember the little baby that she was, just laying in my arms so perfectly.

As she got older, and when Dominic and I started living together, we loved having her over. We’d babysit her all the time, and I just loved watching them interact. We took her places, taught her things, fed her all the junk food (sorry, Micha :P), we treated her like she was our own (we actually still do).

I honestly thought that once Olivia was born, she’d act out a little bit, maybe act a little jealous, but she proved me wrong. From the very beginning, she was so wonderful with Olivia.

I consider Olivia very lucky to have Elianie. I know that as they get older, they are going to be super close, and I know that Elianie is always going to watch out for Olivia, and teach her so many things. For that, we are so grateful. Elianie is a beautiful soul (just like her mama) and Michelle is doing a fabulous job of raising her, as a single mom, no less.

*some of these pictures are really bad quality. Also, Olivia looks weird in some of these…I get to say that because I’m her mom.


^First time meeting each other^IMG085edit IMG082edit IMG-20111215-WA0002edit IMAG1385edit 4-292B10B3-1208013-800 IMG_20120715_212719 DSC04116edit^One of my faves. I also have the BEST video from this day…I’ll see if I could upload it.^DSC04102edit DSC04155edit 20121031_162354edit DSC01436 DSC02479edit DSC02499^Another one of my faves^

Olivia is OBSESSED with Elianie. Every time Eli comes around, Olivia immediately lights up, and Elianie ALWAYS has Olivia laughing all the way from her toes (I can’t even get her to laugh like that!) The love that they have for each other is so clear, so special, so incredible. I really do hope that they have each other for the rest of their lives.

Happy Wednesday and Happy First day of Spring (even though it doesn’t feel like it in Chicago)!



A Baby and an Actual Baby.

Happy Wednesday, Guys!

Last week, I mentioned that I finally got to meet my little nephew, Evan. One of my dearest friends gave birth to him in January and just recently moved back to Chicago after living NW for quite some time.

Evan is the most beautiful little boy, and I instantly fell in love with him. He is so cozy, and calm, and although I heard he has a cry that is equivalent to a Michael Jackson screech, I didn’t get to witness it. Nope, instead he laid in my arms and slept and smiled, and opened his eyes for a few seconds, and slept, and smiled.

Olivia didn’t really show too much interest in him, but she didn’t get jealous while I was holding him, either, which I must admit, was a little surprising. The only time she started to act up, was when she saw me feed Evan a bottle of milk. I don’t know if she didn’t like the fact that I was feeding some one else, or if she just wanted a bottle  because we gave her milk in her sippy cup and she still wasn’t satisfied.

I can’t wait to see the two of them grow up together, and I am so thankful that Alexis decided to move back home!

DSC01714edit DSC01717editDSC01726editDSC01722 DSC01724edite DSC01730edit DSC01731 DSC01727edit DSC01733edit

And then Alexis sent me a few that she took from her phone:

20130307_185921editEDIT 20130307_185234 20130307_185213

I already can’t wait until the next time I get to see him :)



P.S. Last night, I had very ripe bananas that I needed to use, so I pulled up a recipe for ‘Toddler Muffins’ and this is the one I used. They were SO good. I put some chocolate chips in a few of them for Dominic and me, but I actually really liked them without. Next time, I’ll probably sneak in some carrots or use sweet potatoes. Olivia really does not care for bananas (or anything really….although she is getting a little better) but she LOVED these muffins, and that is enough for me to make them over and over again :)


A Baby and Her Newfound Love for (Eating) Snow.

DSC01266 DSC01264 DSC01265edit DSC01276 DSC01279 DSC01261edit DSC01289 DSC01294 DSC01295 DSC01300 DSC01302 DSC01303 DSC01305 DSC01306 DSC01308 DSC01312 DSC01313 DSC01280 DSC01318edit DSC01322 DSC01327 DSC01330 DSC01332 DSC01335edit DSC01338edit DSC01339edit DSC01341edit DSC01342edit

Last week, Chicago had a pretty big snow storm. The snow was coming down SO hard and it looked so beautiful.

Yes, that’s right, I’m a crazy snow lover. While I cannot wait for the nice weather, I am just a sucker for this gorgeous white stuff (Until it turns black from all the cars, anyway).

Dominic, Olivia and I were just sitting, staring out the window and I said to him, “Why do we have to sit here, and enjoy it from the inside? Let’s go outside!”

So outside we went.

And we had a great 20 minutes.

*And that’s where this post ended….up until yesterday. Yesterday we had another storm and of course I took more pictures so here they are.. I can’t help myself!

DSC01525edit DSC01527edit DSC01528 DSC01530 DSC01532edit DSC01535 copyedit DSC01541edit DSC01546edit DSC01551edit DSC01562edit DSC01567edit DSC01607edit DSC01575edit DSC01581edit DSC01583edit DSC01582edit DSC01600edit DSC01585 DSC01591edit DSC01592edit DSC01605 DSC01594edit

My sister came over yesterday afternoon and we decided to take Olivia outside before her nap so that she could play in the snow.

When we were younger and it would snow, we would play outside for what felt like a lifetime, and we never wanted to come in. Our mom had to practically drag us in by our snowsuits. Playing in the snow with my daughter and my baby sister was such a treat, and it definitely brought back sweet memories of our childhood. It makes me so happy to see the love that my sister and Olivia have for each other.

Olivia is still not really sure what all this white stuff is that’s falling from the sky, but she does know one thing for sure: it tastes good. All she wanted to do (both times) was sit and eat the snow (don’t worry, we made sure it was clean). Don’t laugh because you know you used to do it, too!

It snowed a lot more yesterday than it did last week and all night I just sat and watched it fall. It is just such a magical sight and while everyone complains about it snowing again (it’s WINTER, people. Winter=snow.), I just look the other way because I love the snow. Always have, always will.

After we came inside, Olivia snuggled in her crib and was out cold for two hours, so I think it’s safe to say that she had a good time. Charlie did too, he was running around like a crazy, putting his face in all the different piles of snow.

Do you love the snow, or hate it?



P.S. Last Thursday Olivia had her 15 month well-visit and our Doctor said that she is perfect! Of course we already knew that ;) She is 20 pounds, 11 ounces, and 29 inches tall. She is in the 10th percentile for both her height and weight, which means she is still living up to her nickname, Little Shrimp. She is passing all of her 15 month milestones with flying colors. She got four shots (that she got really bad bruises from.) and he was so shocked that she knows how to say ‘More’ in sign language! It was a great visit. In fact, the only negative throughout the entire visit was when the Doctor told us that he was LEAVING in June and that we’d have to find a new pediatrician. It was seriously so heartbreaking because Dominic and I really love him.

The End of (what feels like) an Era.

I have been in such a funk these past two weeks. I know you wouldn’t be able to tell because I’m really good at hiding if something is wrong, but I can no longer deny it. My heart is broken and my own child is the one who broke it.

I have struggled to write this post all week. Seriously, I have started, and RE-started this post over and over again for two reasons. One, I honestly cannot gather the right words. Two, I still get so upset when I think about it.

I’ve thought of explaining our entire journey before getting to the point, but I figure that may be more than you all care to even know. However, I will tell you this: No one prepares you for something like this. Such a fragile, precious, genuine bond that you create by breastfeeding your child, it’s something that you won’t understand until you’ve done it.


Our normal bed time routine goes a little something like this: bath, a little play (under a dimmed light), a story or two, and then I nurse her to sleep and then transport her into her crib.

Well, two weeks ago, Olivia and I were up in her room going through that routine and as I was changing her into her pjs, I noticed she looked super exhausted, and then I just did it. I kissed her goodnight, put her in her crib, and rubbed her back. For the first time ever, she didn’t scream when I put her in the crib. In fact, she was out cold in less than 10 minutes. What I felt afterward was something I never expected to happen.

I held it in until I got downstairs. I sat on the couch and called one of my friends, Steph, and she said, “Hello?” and I said “Hi, if I cry while we’re talking don’t freak out. I’m just really upset.” and she asked, “She went to sleep with out the boob, didn’t she?” And that was all it took. In seconds, I was basically sitting in a puddle of water from how much I was crying.


I knew it was coming, we were only down to nursing at night, but this soon?

How could she do this to me? How was she so able to fall asleep without needing me? We’re not ready to stop. She still needs me. She was just super tired. It’ll go back to normal tomorrow.

But I knew that we were ready. I was slowly making less and less milk (because she was only nursing once a day) and I knew that this time was coming and although it came faster than I had expected, I needed to stick with it and not give in.

The second night was the toughest. She cried for 20 minutes and would point at my boobs and I would have to shake my head because if I would’ve actually muttered the word no, I probably would’ve started crying right along with her. It. Was. So. Hard., not to mention heartbreaking. I knew what she wanted, I knew why she was crying, but I also knew that she was okay and that we could do this. And you know what? We did.

Of course after she finally fell asleep, I came downstairs and cried my eyes out again while simultaneously stuffing sympathy Oreos in my mouth.

I knew that I had to stick to a routine and not confuse her. If I had given in even on the third night, she would expect it again the next night and be so confused as to why I basically just teased her.

For the first week and a half, I was just flat-out bitchy. And depressed. I know that sounds so dramatic, but it’s true. I was mean, and sad, and would cry when she would go to bed without me. Honestly, I thought it was just me being upset. But did you know that it’s an actual thing? Weaning actually has side effects. Thank you, Natalie, for pointing that out.

Knowing that it was normal, I was able to understand (and Dominic was able to, too) what I was going through a little better, because I was able to google things and read blog posts from other women, but it didn’t make it easier. I started blaming myself for not cherishing our nursing time a little more, and even for not taking more pictures to remember our sweet moments together.


Breastfeeding Olivia was a far greater experience than I had ever expected. It was something that I found that I was really good at doing, and I was really proud of it. I loved to tell people I exclusively breastfed Olivia and when I went to the doctor for her well-visits, I would get praised for making it so far and I loved that. Not one part of me was ever once ashamed to breastfeed Olivia. It was the one thing that only I could give her. No one else could feed her or comfort her in that way, only me. And that was gone. The way I looked at it was that now I was just like any other person in her life, nothing special. I wasn’t giving her any special milk that my body created solely for her, and we didn’t have that special nursing bond anymore, so what did we have?

The mother-daughter bond. Duh, Katie.

I was so devastated by the fact that I was no longer going to have this nursing bond, and that she wasn’t going to want to cuddle me, or maybe wouldn’t even love me the same way, that I completely took away from the fact that I am her Mother. I brought her into this world and we are always going to have that bond, the I-baked-you-for-nine-months-and-then-birthed-you bond, the mother-daughter bond, and no one else can have that bond or do that job either. Only I can be her Mother, and I was so caught up in the fact that I was no longer nursing her, that I forgot that (very) important little detail.

Even though we are done with the nursing chapter in our lives, we have so many other moments that are going to keep us bonded and together. This is my little baby, growing up into a tiny human, learning to do things for herself and it is so hard to witness, but in the most joyous way possible. I won’t lie, if she would’ve given me trouble on that third night, I probably would’ve given in and justified it by telling myself, and every one else, that she just wasn’t ready. Honestly, I would’ve nursed her all the way to college if she really wanted me to.

I still find myself secretly hoping that she’ll want to go back, and I know that’s normal. But I also know that she is not, and it’s good that she isn’t otherwise we would be going through this all over again, and then I’d have to write another blog post while trying to hold back the water works. It’s hard, and sometimes I will still get really really sad over it, and I let myself feel sad, and then I move on and tell myself that it’s all okay.

(Because as much as it feels like it’s not okay, it is.)

Dominic brought me home roses last week because he knows I’m sad. I know he says he understands, but how can he really get it? But man do I love him for being there for me, as always. I am also trying to make myself feel better by thinking about the things that I can do again…..my body will once again be just mine, I won’t have to worry about leaving her with someone else and her not eat or drink anything, I can drink as much coffee as I want without worrying she’ll get too much caffeine, and I can get super drunk if I want to. Although let’s be real, that last part probably won’t happen.

But the best thing about this whole situation so far -and this really is making it so much easier- Olivia gets up around 6:30am and Dominic brings her in our bed. Before, she would point at my boobs, now she drinks some milk from her bottle, and then the only way she will go back to sleep is if she is laying on my arm, with her two little arms around my neck, and our faces are touching. I swear to you, I am not making that up. It is literally the most heavenly thing ever and I hope that she doesn’t grow out of that any time soon because I love it so much. I love her so much.

I will never forget that nursing bond, and how special it is, but I’m here to let you know that even after that special bond has come to an end, that little human is still your child.

And that is the most special bond you will ever have.



  20120627_122836 20120621_140502

P.S. This is strictly from my view as a breastfeeding mom. I am not trying to take the bond away from mother’s who cannot or choose not to breastfeed.

P.P.S If you didn’t click on the ‘Natalie’ link above, I suggest clicking it now. Her post was so unbelievably raw, and inspiring and actually motivated me to finish this post.

P.P.S.S This article by A Cup of Jo is also related to depression/weaning. It is a real thing, mamas, so don’t be ashamed.

The Best Baby in All of The Land.

This is a shout-out to our girl….because she deserves it after yesterday.

Tuesday evening, Olivia and I were hanging out, like we always do, when I started to feel really sick. I felt so sick that I put her to sleep a half hour early, and marched my booty right to bed. I was vomiting, I had a really bad fever, chills, aches, it all came at me so fast and I literally felt like I was dying.

Little did I know that Dominic was coming home feeling the exact same way.

It was so ridiculous. I cannot recall us ever both being so sick at the exact same time. We were up. all. night.

Olivia still doesn’t sleep through the night, she usually wakes up once around 3/3:30am, so I kept wondering if one of us was going to be able to….um…contain….ourselves long enough to put her back to sleep.

But guess what? She never woke up.

Our girl slept 10 full hours, and then I started to freak out -because that has never ever happened- so I sent Dominic in to check on her and she must’ve heard him, because she woke up instantly. I said, “Just bring her in here, I miss her.” So he did, and she cuddled me, and the three of us fell asleep for 3 more hours.

After she woke up again, Dominic took her downstairs and let me sleep for another 2 hours, and then we switched off and he went upstairs to bed and I stayed downstairs with her.

We were still both so sick all day and we were the most boring parents ever. I swear, she looked so bored and I felt so bad.

But it was like she knew that something was wrong. It was like she knew that we needed a calm, relaxing day because that’s exactly what she gave us.

Olivia is typically a very mellow baby. Don’t get me wrong, she has definitely had her moments (especially lately) but overall she is pretty good. And yesterday was no exception. She was like an angel baby. She played quietly by herself, she was laughing with Charlie (our dog), sat on my lap, watched cartoons…as a matter of fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think she cried once. She was so content, and calm, just plain old good. She was just such a good girl.

If she was able to understand the term “reward” yet, she would’ve gotten one, that’s for sure. Instead, I just kept kissing her cheeks saying, “Thank you for being such a good girl today. I’m sorry we were boring, tomorrow we’ll go out.” (as if she knew what I was saying.)

So today, that’s what we did. We went and got a nice lunch at Panera, and then we started our wedding registry (more on that next week!). We could tell that she was very happy to be out for a few hours, and it was nice to get some fresh air after being cooped up in the house with the worst sickness in all of the land (at least that’s how it felt in that moment).

We really thought that with both of us having the stomach flu, and having to entertain a baby at the same time, it was going to be one hell of a long day. And it was. At least the whole having the stomach flu part. The entertaining a baby part? Well, we have the best baby in all of the land, which means, we still win. Take that, stomach flu!



The Parent Club.

Early Monday morning, I’m talking like 3am, Olivia was up crying in her crib. She has been such a good sleeper lately, only waking once around 5am, so when she wakes up like that, I always think something is wrong.

And this time, something was wrong.

She seemed very clingy when I picked her up from her crib so I, again, brought her in our bed, gave her some milk, and she fell asleep…..for like 10 minutes. She woke up again really fussy, and whiny and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and then it happened.

Our little tiny girl was throwing up all over our bed, and all over herself.

Olivia has been sick before, she’s had fevers, slept all day, runny nose, cough, she’s had it all. But vomiting was never involved and it was a little scary. Dominic went downstairs to get some cleaning supplies, some water, and even a piece of bread for her, while I quickly washed her off in the bathtub and changed her into new pajamas.

She must’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with her, or maybe she had too many different foods. Yesterday she had a little bit of  a cookie, and at the restaurant she had ground turkey, some cream of broccoli soup, and some mashed potatoes, maybe one of those things made her little stomach upset. Whatever it was, it makes me want to go back to exclusively breastfeeding her for the rest of her life so that this doesn’t happen again.

She looked so sad, and miserable, and this next part is going to be so bad to admit but after I gave her a bath, I wrapped her up in one of our towels and she looked so cute just laying there all wrapped up, I wish I would’ve taken a picture. But I didn’t. I was too worried to do anything but cuddle her and make sure she was okay.

We thought after all of that, she would just want some extra cuddles, but that she would be okay. But we were wrong. Olivia was up pretty much every 45 minutes throwing up, and then ultimately when there was nothing left, she started dry-heaving. It was seriously so scary and so sad and we felt so helpless.

Finally around 6:30am, she drank almost an entire glass of water, and I must’ve fallen asleep while she was drinking her water and I woke up to this:

IMG_20130225_105951(I cannot get over how perfect these two are.)

And then at 11am, Olivia was thankfully still sleeping, Dominic and I woke up looking at each other like we just survived our first war. And I guess in a way, we did survive our first something. He smiled at me and I said, “I guess we are officially in the club.” He asked, “What club?” and I said, “The Parent Club.”

20130225_110431 20130225_110440

I say it that way because this is only the beginning of Olivia keeping us up all night because she is ill, only the beginning of us worrying about her all night even when she is asleep right next to us, only the beginning of us washing her off in the tub in the middle of the night, and us having to change our sheets and scrub our mattress before trying to get some sleep just to wake up to it happening all over again. We survived our first night, and we are well aware that this won’t be our last.

The Parent Club is a tough club to be in sometimes, but it is by far the most important and rewarding club to be a part of, too.



Weekend Review- The Cell Phone Edition.

This is a nice little forewarning to let you know that 95% of these pictures are taken off my Galaxy S3 and as much as it’s a good camera for a phone, the pictures don’t really look the prettiest on a blog post.

Happy Monday!


Friday was probably our laziest day. I don’t think we left the house once. I know it’s probably not the best thing to admit, but I am a total homebody. I will choose to stay at home in my pjs with my daughter and Dominic over almost anything else. Sad, but true. Dominic would probably say the same thing. I guess we really just love each other’s company :) Although Dominic worked all night every night this weekend, Olivia took his spot and her and I snuggled on the couch all night. We practiced animal sounds and every time I said ‘ruff ruff ruff’ she would laugh hysterically. I love that she thinks I’m so hilarious.

20130222_181121 20130222_18051020130222_180439

I ended my night with a little ice cream sundae. Yes, those are candy cane sprinkles. I love sprinkles.



Olivia had a hard time sleeping and finally at 3am, we decided to just bring her in our bed.


(That’s her standing in the crib screaming “mamaaaaa…..dadaaaa….” And also, the time isn’t right.)

After she came in our bed, we all got some pretty good sleep and when we woke up, we just laid around and soaked in the sun that was coming in through our blinds. A nice and lazy morning.


Like I said before, one of the only good things about Dominic working late is that we get to wake up to him in the morning. The second? Taking Olivia downstairs and making us blueberry pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes make us do crazy things………like dance and make funny faces…naked, of course.

DSC01176 DSC01186 DSC01189 DSC01200 DSC01218 DSC01224 IMG_20130223_104948IMG_20130224_211929

Then Dominic got ready for work, and my Sister and my Dad came over, and we went to the mall. We seriously go to the mall so much, but it’s so cold out that it’s really all we can do, if we wanna get out of the house. Spring, we are ready for you.

Olivia threw her first Penny in the water fountain, she was so proud of herself.IMG_20130223_195500 20130223_143047 20130223_143144 20130223_143317 20130223_160655 20130223_160944

We stopped by my grandparents house for a little while, and when we got home I was supposed to give her a bath but she was a little fussy so we cuddled a little, and then she was passed out cold.


I ended my night with a little mom time. Tea, the Wedding Date, a few Girl Scout cookies, and some blog stuff.



I received free tickets a few weeks ago for a Bridal Expo in O’hare. I went to one a few years ago just for fun, and I didn’t really remember it because I wasn’t really thinking about getting married. But this time around, we went there with a purpose: wedding invitation ideas, flowers, and to try desserts….duh.. Oh and there was a fashion show, which was a nice bonus. I had to take Olivia with me because Dominic had to work, but I didn’t mind. Although I honestly thought she was gonna be a little fidget-y and want to walk, (she was in the bjorn because it was too crowded for anything else) she was so good. She got a little fussy toward the end, but that was because it was wayyyy past her nap time and she ended up falling asleep in my arms during the fashion show.

IMG_20130224_133818 IMG_20130224_134005 20130224_122013 DSC01229 DSC01230(The bathroom was SO pretty! How gorgeous are those walls?! And there were TVs in the mirrors!)

DSC01233 DSC01234 IMG_20130224_133318 20130224_132124 20130224_140142 DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01242


We stopped at one of my fave restaurants in Oak Park, The Ale House, and got turkey burgers before going home. We weren’t home for more than 5 minutes before deciding to go with Dominic’s parents to Target (how could we say no to Target?!) and for a quick little trip to Cold Stone to visit my sister.

20130224_180223 20130224_180501 20130224_180742 20130224_181946 20130224_183405


(best face ever? so far, yes.)

We ended our Sunday with a nice bath, a suave hair-do, milk for baby and cup of sleepy-time tea for mama.

DSC01245 DSC01252 DSC01253

I ended my night by picking out Olivia’s flower girl dress, and shoes (I’m in LOVE!) and next weekend we are hopefully going to pick out the bridesmaids dresses! I swear I get more and more excited every day; I cannot wait to marry Dominic.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!