10 Things Friday.

Dominic and I have reached a new chapter in our lives: we get to start buying Olivia gifts for Holidays. As nice as it was to NOT have to worry about splurging on items for our baby because we knew she wouldn’t get what it was all about, we are so excited to be able to give her presents now, and see the look on her face when she receives new things. We actually started said chapter on Christmas when we bought her this (which she loves!), and now with Easter being right around the corner (I cannot believe we are about to enter our last week of March!), we are very excited to fill an Easter basket for our girl. We’ve been talking about what to put inside, and while there won’t be a lot, the items we’ve been talking about will be special, and candy-less.

In case you need a few last minute ideas, these are ten Eleven

candy-less easter ideas

1. Chalk. These are perfect for the Holiday. Nothing says Spring like chalk!

2. Bubbles. We introduced Olivia to bubbles already (we play with them inside) and she loves them. I can’t wait until she can chase them around the yard!

3. An Easter book. Olivia is lucky enough to have gotten this already, so I actually have my eye on this one (I loved it when I was little).

4. A Puzzle. Any kind, really. This Etsy shop has beautiful, more intricate puzzles!

5. Slide & Sleek. These are just cute and Eater-ish.

6. Play Doh. These smell like lavender and are home made, but you can also go with the good old regular stuff.

7. Stickers. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea…..

8. Blocks. I really love these wooden blocks, but I have also looked into these as well.

9. Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies. Perfect Easter candy-less treats. They have tons of flavors, but cheese-anything is my jam.

10. Headbands by Little Hip Squeaks. I want these headbands for Olivia So. Bad. (maybe even a set for myself ;) How cute are they?! I’m obsessed with all of the different patterns. I love to support small businesses so I cannot wait to purchase something from this shop. They also sells baby blankets!

(And one more…just because.)

11. A Stuffed Bunny. I think this one is pretty obvious.

Happy Friday!




10 Things Friday.

Happy Friday, Friends (And Happy 16 Months to Our Girl! So crazy.)!

Olivia has been such a peach lately and I think it’s because of the amount of sleep she’s finally getting at night. It only makes sense to celebrate those two facts by talking about her this week.

These are the ten things………


1. She always laughs when she hears other people laugh…even if it’s just on the TV, or even if we’re not laughing with her.

2. When she wakes up from her nap, she throws things at the door to let me know that she’s awake. On Tuesday, she threw her sippy cup and scared the crap out me (and when I walked in she looked at me and said, “Uh oh.”)

3. She LOVES to cuddle, especially while we’re sleeping.

4. Her favorite color is yellow.

5. Baby girl has MOVES. She lovessssssss to dance. And the best part? She doesn’t even need music. She dances on cue with or without tunes and she has a blast doing so.

6. She is so clumsy! She falls so much during the day, and she just gets back up, goes a little way and then falls again! She goes faster than her little legs can handle.

7. She is very into books. Finally! We have always read to her before bed and it seems that only in the last month or two has she really started to show interest in what we’re reading to her. The other night she sat on my lap through an entire book that I was convinced she wouldn’t sit through.

8. She would stay in the bath tub all day if we’d let her. Or even the pool. She has loved water since day one.

9. She doesn’t really like juice, she prefers cold milk or ice water. And tea!

10. She is a huge ham. If she sees you taking a picture of her, 9 times out of 10 she will smile for you automatically, or as soon as  you  say “Olivia, say cheese!”

11 (because I couldn’t narrow it down to 10. oops!). She is such a lover. She loves to give kisses to everyone and everything, and it’s how she wakes us up now and we love it. It’s honestly one of my favorite things about her right now.

DSC02510(Olivia at 5 months. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of her.)

These are obviously not the only things that are great about her, I just chose the ones about her that are more current; things she’s been doing lately. It was still hard to choose though (see #11)!


What are some of your favorite things about your little ones?



P.S. I heard about the whole Google Reader Debacle…I’m on Bloglovin’ and it seems like that is where most people are going, add me here!

10 Things Friday.

The day that I have been waiting for is FINALLY here. Dominic, Olivia and I are en route to Galena, IL and we are very excited about it.

Here are the ten things that are….

happy this week

1. Going on our little 3-day getaway, obviously. (also finding out that there’s in indoor pool. YES!!!!)


3. Olivia learning “choo choo” and shoes which actually comes out “Choos”

4. New tires.

5. Loving the same Man for 6 years and counting, and celebrating by going on a nice date on Saturday night while we’re in Galena. I already have my red lipstick on ;)

6. List-making.

7. Working with Tori on some new stuff for my blog!

8. I made the BEST Vesuvio Potatoes on Tuesday night. Seriously. I want to eat them every night now.

9. Getting the OK to get Married in the church that we wanted! An especially big deal because they had originally told us the date was already booked. (I called and begged for an earlier wedding time. They said yes!)

10. I met my perfect little nephew, Evan, last night. I’m in love and I officially have baby fever all over again.

What are 10 things that are making you happy this week? Have a good weekend, I know I plan to!! :)



10 Things Friday.

Friday, Friday, Friday…..it took you long enough to get here….and you brought March 1st with you!

(I cannot believe that it’s already March.)

I don’t remember time flying by this fast before having Olivia….I guess let’s not go there right now!

This week, these are the Ten…

mama blogs

I was honestly sitting here, trying to write different reasons why I loved each blog, but I found that my answers were basically all the same. These beautiful Mamas are stylish, have adorable babies that are also stylish, they’re funny, honest, informative, genuine, inspiring and they write from the Heart. All of my favvvvvvorite things!

1. Brandy from Heart & Habit

2. Joanna from A Cup of Jo

3. Jess from Boho Baby Bump

4. Mandy from Harper’s Happenings

5. Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat

6. Melissa from Dear Baby

7. Taza from Love, Taza|Rockstar Diaries

8. Lauren from The Little Things We Do

9. Jen from Jen Loves Kev

10. Kristen from Oh Happy Miracle

These Mamas are all on my Bloglovin’ feed because I just can’t get enough!  I’m sure most of you already have them bookmarked, but if you don’t, well then I have just prepared your weekend reading. You’re welcome!

Have a good weekend, friends!



10 Things Friday.

Hi guys, Happy Friday!

I was writing a post for today on Olivia’s everyday essentials, and I could only think of 7 (I wanted to think of 10). Since I was stuck in a little bit of a block, I decided to go for a run, and then take a nice shower. And then in the shower, I started thinking about it again. I literally started thinking of all these other lists that I could think of 10 things for, and then….Lightbulb. I was instantly inspired and decided to start a new series. Ten Things Friday. Every Friday, I will choose a category, and then write a list of ten things to go with that category. The possibilities are endless and I am not limiting myself to just parenthood. We’re going all out with this one.

With Valentine’s Day coming up next Thursday, I thought I’d start this series off in the spirit of love.

These are the Ten Things…..


1. He is my very best friend. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes!

2. He makes me feel so protected and safe.

3. Two words: Super. Dad. (Seriously, he is!)

4. He supports me in everything and anything I do or want to do. He has never once doubted me for a second. If I told him I wanted to be a skydiver, the next day he will have already bought me everything I need for it. No questions asked. I’m not joking, he really believes that I can do anything I want.

5. He is the friendliest person in the world. He will talk to ANYONE.

6. He puts up with ALL of my moods. All 31311158 of them.

7. He is so patient. With me, with Olivia, with everything. He is so easy-going.

8. I love his body. His whole body. Especially his arms, his eyes, and his smile. He has a killer freakin smile.

9. He can always make me laugh. Even when I am so completely mad at him, he can just say one thing and then boom, we’re  laughing with each other. A good and bad thing, I suppose….

10. The way that Olivia loves him so much (and the way he loves her right back), and their little beautiful relationship, makes me love him ten times more than I ever thought possible.

I know, I know, not only is my list a little cheesy (we are huge cheesies), but I wrote two consecutive posts about him. But it’s in the name of Love so I hope you can understand.

Anyone that wants to join in on 10 things Friday is more than welcome to! If you do, let me know so I can check out your lists as well!

Have a good weekend!



P.S. Guess what! I already have my first guest blogger! The Mister himself has agreed that for next Friday’s 10 things, he will write what he loves about little old me! This is going to be interesting….