Wanted: Motivation.

It seems that I have fallen victim to the cold Chicago Winter, and I’ve got the dreariness to prove it.

My lack of energy, exercising, and eating healthy (per my New Year’s resolution), have all fallen by the way-side and I don’t know how to climb out of this hole.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I signed up for a 5k that I am actually running (read: walking) on Saturday. I signed up because I knew that the New Year resolution inspiration would ware off quick and I needed something to keep me going. Can I be honest? I failed. Or, gave up, is probably more suitable. I gave up before I even tried. I have never run a 5k before and my first one is going to be a complete catastrophe. I am not prepared even a little bit, and when my aunt (we’re running it together) said “It’s just for fun, I’m not really practicing either,” that was all I needed to justify my lack of preparation.

Aside from the 5k, I also wanted to eat better, and cleaner. For lent, I gave up fast/fried/greasy food, and even got Dominic to join me. There is no one I spend more time with than that man and him and I have the same eating habits. We’re terrible. We’re enablers. If only we followed the diet of the other person we spend all of our time with (little miss), we’d be thinner in less than two weeks!

Which brings up another point, why shouldn’t we be eating what (and how) Olivia is eating? We are so set on making sure that she doesn’t know what french fries are, eats a ton of fruits and vegetables, and there is always tons of color on her plate (don’t worry, she definitely knows what ice cream is, we’re not that terrible.) We want our beautiful girl to live this healthy lifestyle but how can we ask that of her if we don’t follow suit?

Well no more.

Diabetes runs in my family. In both of our families, actually. And that is the main reason why I have tried to monitor what Olivia eats so carefully. We don’t want her to suffer with health problems, and we want her to live a very long, healthy, life. I also want need that for Dominic and I. We want to be around as long as possible to watch Olivia grow up into the beautiful woman that we know she’s going to become.

We’ve talked and talked about what we need to do to ensure that we live that long, and the answer was simple: we need to be each other’s conscious, instead of enabling each other to eat unhealthy and not workout (or at least be active), we need to push each other to get to where we want to be.

We’re obviously not going to be axing out all food completely, we’re just eating smarter, and everything in moderation. I’ve already started to pin a few recipes to my Pinterest Boards so that we can eat healthier, without having to switch to a boring boiled chicken and steamed vegetables diet. I’ve also looked into different exercises OTHER than running because running is just not my thing. I really want it to be, but it’s not.

We need to do this for ourselves (hello, we’re getting married in September and we want to look good!) but more importantly for Olivia. We need to be positive examples and stick to the healthy lifestyle that we so quickly push on her. Our unhealthy-ness has gone on long enough.

And if you’re wondering, this post has definitely served it’s purpose. I feel happy, I feel excited, I feel motivated. And it feels good.



P.S. Last night for dinner, I made one of my bffs and I Weight Watchers Enchiladas and they were amazing! I ate those suckers up so fast that I forgot to take a picture! I can’t wait for Dominic to try them when I make them again!

P.P.S If you have any recipes, tips, or tricks you really like, I’d love to hear them!

P.P.S.S A little dose of Olivia to get you through your day: