A Baby and Her Fave Cousin

One of my bffs, Michelle, all the way from kindergarten had a baby 4 years ago. I will never forget the day that she told me she was pregnant, the days through her pregnancy, and the day I got the news that my niece, Elianie, was born.

When Eli was born, Michelle and I were living together. I was obsessed with Elianie. She was the best thing to happen in our lives and I can still remember the little baby that she was, just laying in my arms so perfectly.

As she got older, and when Dominic and I started living together, we loved having her over. We’d babysit her all the time, and I just loved watching them interact. We took her places, taught her things, fed her all the junk food (sorry, Micha :P), we treated her like she was our own (we actually still do).

I honestly thought that once Olivia was born, she’d act out a little bit, maybe act a little jealous, but she proved me wrong. From the very beginning, she was so wonderful with Olivia.

I consider Olivia very lucky to have Elianie. I know that as they get older, they are going to be super close, and I know that Elianie is always going to watch out for Olivia, and teach her so many things. For that, we are so grateful. Elianie is a beautiful soul (just like her mama) and Michelle is doing a fabulous job of raising her, as a single mom, no less.

*some of these pictures are really bad quality. Also, Olivia looks weird in some of these…I get to say that because I’m her mom.


^First time meeting each other^IMG085edit IMG082edit IMG-20111215-WA0002edit IMAG1385edit 4-292B10B3-1208013-800 IMG_20120715_212719 DSC04116edit^One of my faves. I also have the BEST video from this day…I’ll see if I could upload it.^DSC04102edit DSC04155edit 20121031_162354edit DSC01436 DSC02479edit DSC02499^Another one of my faves^

Olivia is OBSESSED with Elianie. Every time Eli comes around, Olivia immediately lights up, and Elianie ALWAYS has Olivia laughing all the way from her toes (I can’t even get her to laugh like that!) The love that they have for each other is so clear, so special, so incredible. I really do hope that they have each other for the rest of their lives.

Happy Wednesday and Happy First day of Spring (even though it doesn’t feel like it in Chicago)!




10 Things Friday.

The day that I have been waiting for is FINALLY here. Dominic, Olivia and I are en route to Galena, IL and we are very excited about it.

Here are the ten things that are….

happy this week

1. Going on our little 3-day getaway, obviously. (also finding out that there’s in indoor pool. YES!!!!)


3. Olivia learning “choo choo” and shoes which actually comes out “Choos”

4. New tires.

5. Loving the same Man for 6 years and counting, and celebrating by going on a nice date on Saturday night while we’re in Galena. I already have my red lipstick on ;)

6. List-making.

7. Working with Tori on some new stuff for my blog!

8. I made the BEST Vesuvio Potatoes on Tuesday night. Seriously. I want to eat them every night now.

9. Getting the OK to get Married in the church that we wanted! An especially big deal because they had originally told us the date was already booked. (I called and begged for an earlier wedding time. They said yes!)

10. I met my perfect little nephew, Evan, last night. I’m in love and I officially have baby fever all over again.

What are 10 things that are making you happy this week? Have a good weekend, I know I plan to!! :)




I’ve seen these letters floating around the blog world, so I figure I’d give it a shot. Consider it a form a therapy, if you will.

Dear Hair,

Do something other than be thick and poofy. And if you even think about misbehaving on my wedding day, I will cut you off.

Love, Katie

Dear Charlie,

STOP BITING EVERYTHING. Pretty sure after 5 months, you’re not a puppy anymore so stop acting like it!

Love, Katie

(although Dominic always refers to me as ‘Mom’ around him…..strange….)

Dear Neighbor,

Please stop banging against the walls like you’re building a house at 11:30 at night. The first time you wake up Olivia, you will be sorry. Thanks!

Love, Katie

Dear Stomach,

Stop craving wings. You’re not getting them. We gave them up for lent and well, quite frankly, you don’t need them.

Love, Katie

Dear Winter,

Unless you plan on bringing more beautiful blizzards, I’m over you. Be gone.

Love, Katie

Dear Mailman,

Please stop bringing me junk mail. I already have cable, I’m not joining a gym and I don’t need the pizza coupons. Start bringing me letters and pretty things. You know how much I love mail.

Love, Katie

Dear Bridesmaids AKA My BFFS,

Thank you for being the best of the best to me (and Olivia).

Love, Katie

Dear Nick and Nancy,

Thank you for having Dominic. And thank you for loving me as your own. And thank you for all that you have helped us with, especially now.

Love, Katie

Dear Family,

Thank you for being there for me and Olivia and loving us always.

Love, Katie

Dear Olivia,

Thank you for being so perfect and finally sticking to a sleep schedule. You have made my life a little easier and I really enjoy the down time. Also, have you noticed how much happier you are with all that sleep? Learn now that sleep is your best friend. Well, second best friend because I’m your first….right? RIGHT?! I love you to the moon and back, sweet girl.

Love, Mama

Dear Dominic,

Thank you for working these crazy long hours to give Olivia both what we want, and more importantly, what we need. I cannot believe that next week will already be 6 years that we’ve been together and I am in even more disbelief over the fact that we will be MARRIED in exactly 6 months! I also love YOU to the moon and back.

Love, Babe

Well, that felt good. Mini vacay tomorrow!



P.S. I signed up for BIRCHBOX a few weeks ago and finally got my first box! I already really love it and if you decide to sign up, please use this link so that I can get points :) This is what it looked like, and there are also a few more samples inside that envelope labled BIRCHBOX.


A Baby and Her Newfound Love for (Eating) Snow.

DSC01266 DSC01264 DSC01265edit DSC01276 DSC01279 DSC01261edit DSC01289 DSC01294 DSC01295 DSC01300 DSC01302 DSC01303 DSC01305 DSC01306 DSC01308 DSC01312 DSC01313 DSC01280 DSC01318edit DSC01322 DSC01327 DSC01330 DSC01332 DSC01335edit DSC01338edit DSC01339edit DSC01341edit DSC01342edit

Last week, Chicago had a pretty big snow storm. The snow was coming down SO hard and it looked so beautiful.

Yes, that’s right, I’m a crazy snow lover. While I cannot wait for the nice weather, I am just a sucker for this gorgeous white stuff (Until it turns black from all the cars, anyway).

Dominic, Olivia and I were just sitting, staring out the window and I said to him, “Why do we have to sit here, and enjoy it from the inside? Let’s go outside!”

So outside we went.

And we had a great 20 minutes.

*And that’s where this post ended….up until yesterday. Yesterday we had another storm and of course I took more pictures so here they are.. I can’t help myself!

DSC01525edit DSC01527edit DSC01528 DSC01530 DSC01532edit DSC01535 copyedit DSC01541edit DSC01546edit DSC01551edit DSC01562edit DSC01567edit DSC01607edit DSC01575edit DSC01581edit DSC01583edit DSC01582edit DSC01600edit DSC01585 DSC01591edit DSC01592edit DSC01605 DSC01594edit

My sister came over yesterday afternoon and we decided to take Olivia outside before her nap so that she could play in the snow.

When we were younger and it would snow, we would play outside for what felt like a lifetime, and we never wanted to come in. Our mom had to practically drag us in by our snowsuits. Playing in the snow with my daughter and my baby sister was such a treat, and it definitely brought back sweet memories of our childhood. It makes me so happy to see the love that my sister and Olivia have for each other.

Olivia is still not really sure what all this white stuff is that’s falling from the sky, but she does know one thing for sure: it tastes good. All she wanted to do (both times) was sit and eat the snow (don’t worry, we made sure it was clean). Don’t laugh because you know you used to do it, too!

It snowed a lot more yesterday than it did last week and all night I just sat and watched it fall. It is just such a magical sight and while everyone complains about it snowing again (it’s WINTER, people. Winter=snow.), I just look the other way because I love the snow. Always have, always will.

After we came inside, Olivia snuggled in her crib and was out cold for two hours, so I think it’s safe to say that she had a good time. Charlie did too, he was running around like a crazy, putting his face in all the different piles of snow.

Do you love the snow, or hate it?



P.S. Last Thursday Olivia had her 15 month well-visit and our Doctor said that she is perfect! Of course we already knew that ;) She is 20 pounds, 11 ounces, and 29 inches tall. She is in the 10th percentile for both her height and weight, which means she is still living up to her nickname, Little Shrimp. She is passing all of her 15 month milestones with flying colors. She got four shots (that she got really bad bruises from.) and he was so shocked that she knows how to say ‘More’ in sign language! It was a great visit. In fact, the only negative throughout the entire visit was when the Doctor told us that he was LEAVING in June and that we’d have to find a new pediatrician. It was seriously so heartbreaking because Dominic and I really love him.

A Baby and Her First Time at the Children’s Museum.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Thank you for all the well wishes for our girl. I am happy to report that after a few fevers, some popsicles, and a few (very) stinky diapers, Olivia is back to her normal happy self, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that! We hate when she is sick, it’s just so heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, whatever she had, Dominic and I now have. We feel absolutely terrible but I would rather us be sick over Olivia any day.

Last Thursday, Dominic was off and I had mentioned a few days prior that admission was free at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier in Chicago. We were so excited to take Olivia and do something other than go to the mall, just the 3 of us. And we honestly had such a good time. Though it will be a little better once Olivia is older and she can understand things a bit more (she was playing with the plastic apples and oranges like they were balls), it was still so fun to see her interact with everything and be so amazed by it all.

I took SO many pictures, so you’re in for a lot. You’ve been warned.

This was before the museum. I always try to get a few shots of what she’s wearing before we go anywhere just in case she gets dirty (and also because I always send a picture to my sister!)

20130221_150128 20130221_202558 20130221_202601 20130221_202604 DSC00942 DSC00946 DSC00950

DSC00964 DSC00965

And then once we got there…

DSC00967 DSC00971 DSC00974 DSC00975 DSC00977 DSC00978 DSC00981 DSC00982 DSC00984 DSC00987 DSC00988 DSC00992 DSC00996 DSC00999 DSC01001 DSC01003 DSC01005 DSC01006 DSC01009 DSC01011 DSC01012 DSC01015 DSC01018 DSC01019 DSC01021 DSC01022 DSC01023 DSC01025 DSC01026 DSC01028 DSC01030 DSC01032 DSC01033 DSC01034 DSC01038 DSC01043

And then my camera decided to act reallllllllllly weird and I couldn’t get it to focus the right way. Of course while she’s wearing the littlest raincoat I’ve ever seen ever. Of freaking course.

DSC01059 DSC01061 DSC01063 DSC01065 DSC01068 DSC01069 DSC01074 DSC01078 DSC01080 DSC01084 DSC01086 IMG_20130221_180927 DSC01093DSC01103 DSC01104

(I couldn’t get enough of the walls in the elevator, aren’t they awesome?!)

And we also visited the photo booth. How funny are these pictures? Dominic’s faces are ridiculous.


And after we visited all the exhibits, we decided to walk around the inside of Navy Pier, and we also got some food. Dominic and I gave up fast food for lent, but we were STARVING, and we didn’t even think to bring sandwiches or anything. Parenting fail on our end, we better not let that happen when she’s older.

DSC01108 DSC01109 DSC01111 DSC01112 DSC01116 DSC01119 DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01128^That’s her stopping in Build-A-Bear to dance to the music they were playing^DSC01136 DSC01141 DSC01143 DSC01144 DSC01145 DSC01146 DSC01147 DSC01148 DSC01155 DSC01157 DSC01160 DSC01164 DSC01165 DSC01166 DSC01167

And because it was only 7pm when we were ready to leave, we decided to ware Olivia out even more by letting her walk around the mall a little. Bonus points for me because I went into F21 and found the cutestttt top. The Easter Bunny was there and because Olivia was dressed in a little skirt, we said “why not” and decided to get her pictures taken. She. Was. Terrified. Traumatized, even. Poor Girl.

Last Year:


This Year:


And then while Dominic paid, I put her down, she ran to the side and was just staring at the Easter Bunny like, “You better not come any closer to me.”


And then we took her by the water fountain, her fave, to relax her from the evil creature that is the Easter Bunny.20130221_203934 20130221_204613 20130221_204723 IMG_20130221_205024

It was honestly such a perfect family day, and it’s nice to do things just the three of us. I know Olivia had a good time, too, because once we got home, she kept giving us kisses without us asking her for them.

I love my little family so much, and there is not one thing I would change about our cute little life. I can’t wait to take Olivia to the other beautiful museums that Chicago has to offer and then once it gets nice outside, we can even introduce her to the beaches and walk around downtown. My favorite.

What do you do on Family Days?



Valentine’s Day.

On Sunday, Dominic informed me that he was not able to get the day off for Valentine’s Day. He told me that he was going to work in the morning, and that he’d be home by 4, in enough time for him and I to go out for a little Valentine’s dinner. Since we agreed to not really do anything other than a dinner, I was okay with spending the whole afternoon with our Little Valentine.

At 6:30 this morning, my phone rang.

“Babe, I’m really sorry to wake you–”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just think I forgot the trainer schedule on the table, can you check to see if I did?”

“Sure, hold on….babe, you left all the lights on again–”

And as I’m reprimanding him, I smell something, and as I walk to the table, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Really, I couldn’t.


Remember how I told you that I was the one that went big for holidays, and Dominic didn’t? Well, this year proved to be the opposite. (Dominic never takes the price tags off of anything, fyi.)

I went upstairs, and woke up Olivia. Her daddy did us both good, and she deserved to not have to miss a second. Not only did he buy her first bouquet of flowers, he also bought her first cheesy Valentine’s day stuffed heart. It’s huge. She’s very indifferent about it. Okay, she’s kind of terrified of it.


We also bought her:

IMG-20130212-WA0016 DSC00555

And the other day, while I was enjoying a little alone time, I surprised her with a Valentine’s balloon. Olivia LOVES balloons. She calls them “boos”. Cutest thing ever. After today, Olivia accumulated 4 “boos”. One from me, two from Dominic, and one from my sister aka her godmother. Needless to say, Olivia is in balloon heaven.

Anyway, so after breakfast, Olivia and I hung out downstairs, watched some cartoons, did a little cleaning, a little playing…and Dominic took a nap. He was running on 3 hours of sleep because he had to keep up with his “I have to work on Valentine’s Day” story and left the house at 5am! That man…..

I was trying to get her to play with the giant heart, and I did get her to kiss it once, but she was still pretty terrified..I really don’t know why… Oh, and don’t mind the Santa’s on her feet, they are the only red pajamas she has and we had to be festive, duh.

DSC00546 DSC00543 DSC00554

As if our morning wasn’t festive (and cheesy) enough, I put pink heart-shaped milk ice cubes in her milk:


I’m that mom, and I am sooooooo okay with that.

After Dominic woke up, we got dressed.

Before I show you what Olivia wore, I’d like to start with how she looked at this time, last year. Little bitty Olivia on her First Valentine’s Day. I cannot believe this is already her second.



(look at those legs!!)

And present day. I absolutely loved her outfit:

DSC00566 DSC00561 DSC00598 DSC00557 DSC00596 DSC00590 DSC00575 DSC00568 DSC00601 DSC00607 DSC00608 DSC00625

DSC00659 DSC00560

(PLEASE disregard my dirty house. I promise that it’s not always like that, toys are always around the house, yes, but it’s a little more organized….usually.)

After our mini photo shoot, and my attempt to get a decent picture of Olivia looking at the camera while also smiling, we finally left the house and stopped at my grandma’s house because Olivia had a few gifts there. We ate pizza for lunch, and then left to go have cupcakes in the city. We went to a place called Molly’s Cupcakes. Dominic and I LOVE to go here. It is such a cute little place with the best red velvet cupcake you’ll ever taste. Olivia got her first taste of a Molly’s cupcake and although she preferred Dominic’s Nutella cupcake to my red velvet, it made me happy to see her enjoying it nonetheless :) We don’t really give her sweets, but on special occasions such as the beloved Love day, we just can’t resist. Oh, and guess what else? As I was walking into Molly’s, Elsie and her husband were about to walk out. I was kinda star struck, not gonna lie. I love her blog.

DSC00630 IMG_20130214_150304 DSC00634 DSC00635 DSC00636 DSC00637 DSC00641 DSC00646 DSC00649 DSC00651 DSC00652 DSC00656

She is a city girl already. We really wanted to walk around and let her walk off some of her soon-to-be sugar high, but it was much colder than we thought, and she ended up passing out in the car anyway.

We were out and about all afternoon so when we came home, we just kind of relaxed for a little while. Dominic’s parents came over around 6:30 to watch Olivia for a few hours, and Dominic and I went on a little date. It was nice to do something just the two of us, but we really missed Olivia. (We always do when she’s not around.)

I really had a taste for steak, and I really wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse (does anybody else really love it there?). When we got to the restaurant, we were informed that the wait for two was an hour and a half. Absolutely not.

After a lot of back and forth about where we should go, we decided to come back to Downtown La Grange and go to a little BBQ spot called ‘Q’. Before I knew Dominic, I wasn’t really a meat eater. And now, I just can’t hide my love for steak and ribs and pork. Of course Dominic and his family are to blame (Thanks, Guys!) Anyway, the food is always really good and I really enjoyed getting to have some real one on one, face to face conversation with my beautiful Valentine. Did you know that this is our last Valentine’s Day as a non-married couple? Weird.

DSC00706 DSC00696 DSC00704 DSC00697 DSC00698 DSC00692 DSC00701 DSC00702 DSC00695

We left feeling full, refreshed, and ready to get back to our baby. We made one last stop to pick up some milk and a movie, and went home.

We made it just in time to sneak in a few last tickles and snuggles before our Little Valentine went to sleep.

DSC00724 DSC00714 DSC00731 DSC00709

We ended our night with a movie, The Perks of a Wallflower, but we were way too exhausted to finish it.

In case you couldn’t guess, we had an amazing Valentine’s Day. I can’t say it enough that we are the two luckiest girls to have such an amazing man here to make us as happy as he does.

I hope you all had a wonderful little hallmark holiday, I would love to know how you spent your love day if you’re willing to share!

Happy Weekend!



10 Things Friday- Guest Blogger!

No, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy (and neither am I). I know that today is Thursday, and not Friday. But I have decided to push this week’s Ten Things Friday to Thursday for 3 reasons. 1, it’s Valentine’s Day; 2, I want to make Friday’s post a ‘what we did’ on Valentine’s Day; and 3, because it’s my blog and I can!

This week, as promised, Dominic is guest blogging to tell you the Ten Things he loves about Me! (I swear this is all him!)


These are the Ten Things….


1. I love the mother she has become, she is always giving her all, always has Olivia in mind, and makes everyone happy.

2. The way she loves. She has a soft, tender way of letting you know she cares.

3. The way she has always been scared of closets & needs the door open, and light on when we sleep.

4. Her drive to learn and do new things.

5. The way that our hands fit perfectly together, like the only two pieces to the puzzle.

6. The comfort & confidence I feel when she is around. I feel like I can accomplish anything as long as she’s behind me.

7. The crazy delicious things she can do to chicken.

8. The cute wiggle she does while putting on her jeans, followed by one final jump.

9. The way she can get me to laugh at any time of the day.

10. The way she has saved and changed my life. I was headed down a path that was going nowhere. She came alone and is solely responsible for the person I am today. I would give my life for her and do anything to make her happy. We have been through it all together but I would not change me life with her at all. I have torn out my heart and everything I am, gave it to her, and she has done nothing but do amazing things with it. She is my life.


He always has a way with his words, that one. I love this list the most because it’s not the first time I’ve heard some of these things. He is constantly telling me all the things he loves and appreciates about me, and it always makes me so happy. Like I mentioned before, I have always been a big fan of Valentine’s Day (a day devoted to Love and the color Red?! I’m in.) and since knowing me, his fondness for it has grown. Tomorrow I plan on writing what we did for Today, and the only hint I’ll give is that he told me on Sunday that he tried to get Valentine’s day off, but he couldn’t. He promised and everything. And guess what? He lied. He’s sitting next to me right now :) Even if we just sit next to each other on the couch all day, I will be as happy as a clam.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!



Wild Child.

If you know me in real life, you know that I have a horse’s MANE for hair. Seriously. It is so long, and thick and wild. I was literally born with that hair. I wish I had baby pictures to show you, but just picture a teeny tiny 7 lb baby with a full mop of pitch black hair. Dominic has pretty thick, nice hair too, so when we found out we were having Olivia, everyone (including us) would talk about how she was going to be born with such nice hair. She definitely proved us wrong! She was born with some hair, but not a lot. I don’t think her hair started growing until she was like 6 months old.

The very first time I put a ponytail in her hair, she cried. She didn’t like it. I didn’t try it again until the other day and she surprisingly didn’t cry. In fact, I think it brings out her inner Wild Child because she was even crazier than usual. And now for the proof:

DSC00192 DSC00200 DSC00221 DSC00217edit

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I can’t upload a video, because in my opinion, video is so much better and this video is hilarious. I posted it on Facebook, so luckily I have a link, and I highly recommend watching it!

Wild or not, this little child always knows how to turn a normal task (such as undressing to take a bath), into one of the best parts of the day. She just makes everything we do ten times more fun.

Speaking of fun….In honor of Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I thought I’d share a craft that I think is perfect to do with your little one…or even your big one. I have thought of doing this with Olivia, but unless I can get a chance to get the supplies sometime today, I’ll probably hold off, and do it sometime next week to just let hang in our home anyway, and more importantly, let Olivia experience paint.

As much as I want Olivia to stay as small as possible, there are a few things that I can’t wait to do with her….bake Valentine’s Day treats, do crafts, make Valentine’s for her classmates, it’s all so exciting to think about. I am the type of person who celebrates every single holiday, before Dominic met me, he was the exact opposite. I know that he has tried to slowly change his view toward celebrating things for me, and I appreciate that. Now, we try to even out our views by doing something small, and sweet. Like a special baked treat (last year I made him PINK Nutella cupcakes. He loves Nutella anything.) or a bouquet of flowers with a sweet message. In fact, this year I believe we are going to an Olivia-free dinner, and that’s about it. And I am totally okay with that. Besides, something tells me that as Olivia gets older, he’s going to change his attitude even more about celebrating all of the different holidays.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?



Weekend Review.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

This weekend was so relaxing; filled with lots of lounging around, lots of food, and lots of family. Just what we needed.


Friday morning we finally got to sit down and meet with the caterer for our wedding! Although we weren’t able to try the foods just yet, it was very easy to choose the menu we wanted. It’s very simple, very neutral, and very very us. After all that talk about food, we decided to go out for breakfast. We live close to our town’s downtown area, which is actually pretty cute, and they have a really good breakfast palace called Blueberry Hill. I have been craving crepes, so that’s exactly what I had! They were delicious.

DSC00245 DSC00246 DSC00241DSC00249 DSC00252 DSC00256 DSC00258

The weather was so crappy. It was raining, then we got so much snow and so after breakfast, we just went home and lounged around.

Two other highlights from our Friday was that I got a call telling me that my dress was ready for pickup!! I can’t wait to go put it on again. The other highlight was this:


I obviously took this picture with my phone, hence the darkness, but this was a moment worth documenting. I have been trying to get Olivia to eat these pouches for such a long time, and I gave up for a while. Well, I decided that maybe the all-fruit ones were too sweet for her taste, so I bought her a sweet potato and apple one, and she liked it! She didn’t eat a lot of it, but she didn’t spit it out so that’s a sure sign that she doesn’t completely hate it. Looks like we’re finally making progress on her picky-ness.


On Saturday we headed up North for my younger cousin’s birthday party.

DSC00286 DSC00381DSC00382 DSC00383DSC00384

There was a 7 month old baby there, and this was the first time that Olivia has interacted with someone that was so much younger than her. She just kept petting her and saying “niiiiice” and “baby”.


………And then a couple minutes later I found her in the corner chugging this innocent little baby’s bottle of formula. I couldn’t believe her! I also couldn’t believe she  even liked it since she’s only had formula the first few days she was born. Our child, the bottle bandit.

While we were sitting around, it dawned on me that by the time we leave, it would be dark outside and I won’t be able to capture some of the beautiful snow-covered loveliness. So, right before the sun went down, I snuck out to snap a few shots.

DSC00357 DSC00359 DSC00362 DSC00363


I’m so glad that I went out there, and just stood in the silence, just me and my camera (and Dominic for a few minutes.)

Olivia LOVED being there. She was able to walk around the whole house without anyone telling her “No, don’t go over there.” “No, don’t play with that.” She just walked and walked and walked and everybody kept commenting on her energy. She just didn’t stop! It was nice to see her enjoying herself.

We ended up having an impromptu sleepover, spent all night talking, laughing and snacking. It was so nice to just get away and spend time with family that I don’t get to see as often because of our busy schedules, not to mention the 1 1/2 distance from each other.


We woke up pretty early Sunday(8:30), I made my famous breakfast pizza, we drank delicious coffee and then spent the rest of the morning on the couch watching cartoons and snuggling. Another monumental moment: Olivia was snuggling. It’s so hard for me to hold her anymore, let alone just lay on the couch and watch some ‘toons with her. Needless to say, I laid as still as possible, because I knew if I moved, she would move too. Here is documentation of said monumental moment:


Oh Olivia, you don’t even know that you make my heart melt daily.

Oh! And we finally got her to drink out of a juice box….apparently this was a weekend for monumental moments.


After a little bit more relaxing, we decided to head out, because on Sunday’s we have dinner with Dominic’s parents. Olivia didn’t want to leave and protested by staying at the top of the stairs:


She’s lucky she’s cute.

We love to go up to their house because it is so peaceful and quiet and more of a country feel. They have so much land, a cute/spacious house, and it’s just so welcoming. Hopefully when Dominic and I are ready to buy our first home in the next couple of years, we can be just as lucky.

Once we got home, we cleaned up the house, ate some dinner and Olivia got a bath. Our relaxing weekend ended with watching the Grammy’s and eating pretzels (Olivia’s new favorite snack)


I hope by now you realize that this is one of her favorite faces to make. We say “Olivia, say cheese!” And she will make a few variations of this face. Such a little ham.

I hope you all had a relaxing filled weekend, just like we did!



10 Things Friday.

Hi guys, Happy Friday!

I was writing a post for today on Olivia’s everyday essentials, and I could only think of 7 (I wanted to think of 10). Since I was stuck in a little bit of a block, I decided to go for a run, and then take a nice shower. And then in the shower, I started thinking about it again. I literally started thinking of all these other lists that I could think of 10 things for, and then….Lightbulb. I was instantly inspired and decided to start a new series. Ten Things Friday. Every Friday, I will choose a category, and then write a list of ten things to go with that category. The possibilities are endless and I am not limiting myself to just parenthood. We’re going all out with this one.

With Valentine’s Day coming up next Thursday, I thought I’d start this series off in the spirit of love.

These are the Ten Things…..


1. He is my very best friend. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes!

2. He makes me feel so protected and safe.

3. Two words: Super. Dad. (Seriously, he is!)

4. He supports me in everything and anything I do or want to do. He has never once doubted me for a second. If I told him I wanted to be a skydiver, the next day he will have already bought me everything I need for it. No questions asked. I’m not joking, he really believes that I can do anything I want.

5. He is the friendliest person in the world. He will talk to ANYONE.

6. He puts up with ALL of my moods. All 31311158 of them.

7. He is so patient. With me, with Olivia, with everything. He is so easy-going.

8. I love his body. His whole body. Especially his arms, his eyes, and his smile. He has a killer freakin smile.

9. He can always make me laugh. Even when I am so completely mad at him, he can just say one thing and then boom, we’re  laughing with each other. A good and bad thing, I suppose….

10. The way that Olivia loves him so much (and the way he loves her right back), and their little beautiful relationship, makes me love him ten times more than I ever thought possible.

I know, I know, not only is my list a little cheesy (we are huge cheesies), but I wrote two consecutive posts about him. But it’s in the name of Love so I hope you can understand.

Anyone that wants to join in on 10 things Friday is more than welcome to! If you do, let me know so I can check out your lists as well!

Have a good weekend!



P.S. Guess what! I already have my first guest blogger! The Mister himself has agreed that for next Friday’s 10 things, he will write what he loves about little old me! This is going to be interesting….