My first ever call to Poison Control.

Monday night, I found Olivia in the corner eating something.

It turned out to be a sponge for Dominic’s shoe shiner.

Usually, we keep Dominic’s shoe shiner in a little drawer in our coffee table. Olivia likes to play with it when she comes across it. It’s always sealed shut, and it’s pretty hard for her to get it opened, if she tried, which she doesn’t. She usually just bangs it against the coffee table to hear the loud sound, which we don’t mind. I think she went to do the same thing this time, but realized that it was a different texture than usual, liked that it was soft, and put it in her mouth.

I think that it was an honest mistake on Dominic’s part. I mean, we all know that he would never do anything to purposely hurt her, obviously. I’m sure that he was rushing to clean the house (as we do when his parents, or my family, or really anyone, comes over), didn’t even realize that the lid wasn’t on the shoe shiner, and just put it in its usual spot in the drawer.

In all honesty, I didn’t even think to contact Poison Control first. Instead, I called our doctor’s office (well first I called my grandma), who then directed me to poison control.

I was so ashamed to have to even make the call, but the woman who helped me was really nice….and it didn’t sound like there was any judgement in her voice, which was a plus. She told me that as long as Olivia was still drinking/eating and wasn’t showing any signs of being bothered or in pain, that she was most likely fine, but just to watch her for a few hours. Thank god.

As soon as I got off the phone with Poison Control, I sent a text to Dominic and said “We really need to start watching what is in Olivia’s reach. Anything that we wouldn’t put in our mouths, shouldn’t be in reach for her to be able to put in hers.”

I then realized that although Dominic and I have child proofed, and made sure that the really dangerous stuff was either out of reach, or correctly locked/covered up, we quickly forget that the small stuff needs to be checked (and re-checked) just as much. We didn’t even think twice about putting the shoe shiner in the coffee drawer, which she goes in every. single. day.

I have already started going through the whole house, at Olivia’s level, on all fours, and re-checked to see what she can get to at her reach. We plan on re-re-checking, again, this weekend (as well as get some spring cleaning done, hopefully!) because although the woman on the other end of that line was super super nice, and calm, and helpful. I hope to never have to call them again.

Have you ever had to call poison control for your little one?



P.S. you should always have the Poison Control number handy. On your fridge, in your cell phone and even on your computer. In case you don’t know it, the number is 1-800-222-1222

P.P.S A picture of Olivia, for good measure. She was having a hard time staying asleep in her crib last night, so I let her sleep on the couch while I wrote and listened to Pandora (please run and check out the Lumineers Station for calm, beautiful music, and/or the Jimmy Eat World Station for a bit of High School nostalgia…I usually switch off every couple of songs so that I can enjoy the best of both!). Also, do sleeping baby pictures ever get old? Nope.



The Parent Club.

Early Monday morning, I’m talking like 3am, Olivia was up crying in her crib. She has been such a good sleeper lately, only waking once around 5am, so when she wakes up like that, I always think something is wrong.

And this time, something was wrong.

She seemed very clingy when I picked her up from her crib so I, again, brought her in our bed, gave her some milk, and she fell asleep…..for like 10 minutes. She woke up again really fussy, and whiny and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and then it happened.

Our little tiny girl was throwing up all over our bed, and all over herself.

Olivia has been sick before, she’s had fevers, slept all day, runny nose, cough, she’s had it all. But vomiting was never involved and it was a little scary. Dominic went downstairs to get some cleaning supplies, some water, and even a piece of bread for her, while I quickly washed her off in the bathtub and changed her into new pajamas.

She must’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with her, or maybe she had too many different foods. Yesterday she had a little bit of  a cookie, and at the restaurant she had ground turkey, some cream of broccoli soup, and some mashed potatoes, maybe one of those things made her little stomach upset. Whatever it was, it makes me want to go back to exclusively breastfeeding her for the rest of her life so that this doesn’t happen again.

She looked so sad, and miserable, and this next part is going to be so bad to admit but after I gave her a bath, I wrapped her up in one of our towels and she looked so cute just laying there all wrapped up, I wish I would’ve taken a picture. But I didn’t. I was too worried to do anything but cuddle her and make sure she was okay.

We thought after all of that, she would just want some extra cuddles, but that she would be okay. But we were wrong. Olivia was up pretty much every 45 minutes throwing up, and then ultimately when there was nothing left, she started dry-heaving. It was seriously so scary and so sad and we felt so helpless.

Finally around 6:30am, she drank almost an entire glass of water, and I must’ve fallen asleep while she was drinking her water and I woke up to this:

IMG_20130225_105951(I cannot get over how perfect these two are.)

And then at 11am, Olivia was thankfully still sleeping, Dominic and I woke up looking at each other like we just survived our first war. And I guess in a way, we did survive our first something. He smiled at me and I said, “I guess we are officially in the club.” He asked, “What club?” and I said, “The Parent Club.”

20130225_110431 20130225_110440

I say it that way because this is only the beginning of Olivia keeping us up all night because she is ill, only the beginning of us worrying about her all night even when she is asleep right next to us, only the beginning of us washing her off in the tub in the middle of the night, and us having to change our sheets and scrub our mattress before trying to get some sleep just to wake up to it happening all over again. We survived our first night, and we are well aware that this won’t be our last.

The Parent Club is a tough club to be in sometimes, but it is by far the most important and rewarding club to be a part of, too.