10 Things Friday.

Dominic and I have reached a new chapter in our lives: we get to start buying Olivia gifts for Holidays. As nice as it was to NOT have to worry about splurging on items for our baby because we knew she wouldn’t get what it was all about, we are so excited to be able to give her presents now, and see the look on her face when she receives new things. We actually started said chapter on Christmas when we bought her this (which she loves!), and now with Easter being right around the corner (I cannot believe we are about to enter our last week of March!), we are very excited to fill an Easter basket for our girl. We’ve been talking about what to put inside, and while there won’t be a lot, the items we’ve been talking about will be special, and candy-less.

In case you need a few last minute ideas, these are ten Eleven

candy-less easter ideas

1. Chalk. These are perfect for the Holiday. Nothing says Spring like chalk!

2. Bubbles. We introduced Olivia to bubbles already (we play with them inside) and she loves them. I can’t wait until she can chase them around the yard!

3. An Easter book. Olivia is lucky enough to have gotten this already, so I actually have my eye on this one (I loved it when I was little).

4. A Puzzle. Any kind, really. This Etsy shop has beautiful, more intricate puzzles!

5. Slide & Sleek. These are just cute and Eater-ish.

6. Play Doh. These smell like lavender and are home made, but you can also go with the good old regular stuff.

7. Stickers. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea…..

8. Blocks. I really love these wooden blocks, but I have also looked into these as well.

9. Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies. Perfect Easter candy-less treats. They have tons of flavors, but cheese-anything is my jam.

10. Headbands by Little Hip Squeaks. I want these headbands for Olivia So. Bad. (maybe even a set for myself ;) How cute are they?! I’m obsessed with all of the different patterns. I love to support small businesses so I cannot wait to purchase something from this shop. They also sells baby blankets!

(And one more…just because.)

11. A Stuffed Bunny. I think this one is pretty obvious.

Happy Friday!




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